PUBLISHED: 11:08 PM 22 Dec 2016

Obama Administration Officially Deletes Muslim Registry Since 9/11, Ending Muslim Vetting Program

Have we ever had a worse president before?


He Has Officially Gotten Rid Of The Program

If you ask a liberal what the worst thing that you can do to an immigrant, migrant, or refugee, the responses might vary. Usually they will have something in common about letting them stay in the country or not tracking what they do. They are more interested in the feelings of the immigrant, migrant, and refugee than the safety of the native citizens.

Even though there is actual proof that the migrants and refugees are causing a tremendous amount of problems overseas, the liberals still want to invite them all to the United States. Not only that, but they want to make sure that they aren’t tracked or located.

They claim that tracking migrants is against the law. It doesn’t matter what is happening overseas, including the fact that terrorists are posing as migrants and committing unspeakable acts of terror, such as driving a truck through a market. Wouldn’t you want to know the location of someone that was going to do these things?

Liberals can complain all they want, but the fact of the matter remains this. There are a ton of migrants that have caused damage to their host countries by being terrorists. Do the countries really want to put their native citizens in danger by not seeing where these migrants are at all times?

In the United States the answer is yes. That is because the Obama administration has officially ended a post-9/11 registration system for immigrant men that come from mostly Muslim countries. Yes, President Obama has ended a system that would have allowed the administration to see what the incoming migrants were doing.


He Ended A Program That Could Have Been Very Useful

Now the liberals can sit there and complain about why this is morally wrong, but just think about this for a second. How many times have there been a terrorist attack that has come from a migrant or a refugee in the past couple months? There have been quite a handful, and each of them has caused severe damage to the people around them.

Hell this past Monday is reason enough to want to have a system that registers incoming migrants! There was a terror attack on a Christmas Market in Berlin where the person responsible was another refugee. These people are actively committing crimes against the native citizens and should be registered.

Not to mention that the timing of this comes right after that attack. That attack on Monday saw 12 people die and nearly 50 were injured. Not even a week later Obama decides that he is going to encourage more terrorist attacks from migrants by banning this registration system.

The system was called the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System, and as it suggests, it was a way to monitor the people that are in the country that have gone through the system. It was initially started after 9/11 after the country was hit hard by the terrorist attacks.

Except now by banning it effectively, it is sending a message to the terrorists that liberals aren’t going to do anything to stop them. The liberals desire to be politically correct all the time is the reason that the terrorists are allowed to behave the way they do.

This also ends the thought of Donald Trump ever using the program. Although his plans called for a complete ban on Muslim immigration until they could find a proper vetting procedure, you never know if he would have liked to use it. All Trump said was, “You know my plans.”


We Shall Never Know If Trump Wanted To Use This System Or Not

Civil libertarians criticized the program, also known as NSEERS, because they saw it as an effort to profile people based on race and religion. They can criticize it all they want, but the fact remains the same. Most terror attacks have come from Muslims migrants or refugees.

It should also be mentioned that the Obama administration hasn’t been using the program since 2011. You mean to tell me that they could have been keeping track of people that were coming to the country from terror hotspots and they chose not to do it? We’re talking about the safety of the native citizens here! Terrorists are doing what they can to spread terror!

It doesn’t even have to be physical terror that they are spreading. There is a thing called biological warfare. As it so happens, there are migrants that are bringing over diseases that are deadly to the United States.

A lot of Somali refugees that have come to the United States have been diagnosed with an active form of tuberculosis (TB). It’s an incredibly dangerous disease that affects the lungs. You know, the organ that helps you breathe? Yes these refugees are being diagnosed with these diseases that are deadly and can spread to the native people in the United States.

For example, there were nearly 300 infected refugees in the state of Minnesota alone. That might not seem like a high number, but considering the fact that TB is incredibly contagious, anyone that is infected is a risk to others. Multiply that one person by nearly 300 and this could spread to everyone in the country.


Who Knows What Other Diseases Migrants Are Bringing To The Country

Not to mention that outside of the terror risk and the health risk that these migrants provide, they are also incredibly lazy. Migrants were actually doing whatever they could to avoid working. In Germany some governments were nice enough to give them volunteer work to help improve their image.

Considering the reputation of the migrants, you would think that they would jump at the chance to help themselves. WRONG. These migrants were refusing to work all the jobs that were given to them, insisting that because they were guests, they didn’t have to work. However they were more than willing to demand more benefits and money from the government.

Share this article to show everyone that the Obama administration has effectively ended the program that would have allowed the government to keep track of Muslim migrants that were coming in and out of the country. It Obama had actually considered using it, there is a great chance that some people here in the country would have been spared from being a part of a terrorist attack.

Considering the effect that these migrants have been having on the world, it would have been great to know where they were. Even if there weren’t a physical threat, a biological threat like TB would be something that needs to be stopped. However Trump’s plan is better.

It’s hard to cause damage to the country if they’re not even here to see it. Hopefully Trump can find a way to get a ban on migrants coming to the nation so they won’t end up damaging the country that most of us love.