PUBLISHED: 6:40 PM 27 Dec 2016

Obama About To End It All For Hillary, Last Ditch Effort As Clinton Foundation Up For Prosecution

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What Is Obama Planning?

The President of the United States has a tremendous amount of power that is given to him by the Constitution. He can sign bills into law, veto them, and administer something called Executive Actions. Essentially the President has a lot of power, and that is on top of being the leader of the United States.

One of the powers that are given to the President is the ability to administer a pardon. In short terms, a pardon is the ultimate get out of jail free card. You can have all the evidence in the world against you and if given this pardon, you would not face any charges or jail time.

One of the more famous presidential pardons came from President Gerald Ford. He infamously pardoned Richard Nixon before any charges were set despite the fact that everyone knew he was guilty. That decision haunted Ford for the rest of his life and tarnished his reputation.

Now we can see one final strike against the Obama administration. As everyone that watched the presidential debates knows, Donald Trump vowed to place a special prosecutor to make sure that Hillary Clinton would pay for her crimes against the United States.

These vary from endangering the security of the nation to the crimes that she has committed via the Clinton Foundation, which includes pay-to-play scandals, tax evasion, and money laundering. In other words, Hillary should be facing a lot of jail time for her actions. However there is still the chance that President Obama could pardon Hillary of everything that she has done, according to the Political Insider.

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What Is Stopping Him From Issuing A Pardon?

Republicans in Congress have already said that they are going to do whatever they can to make sure that Hillary faces justice for what she did. After all, actions are supposed to have consequences regardless of who you are. The incoming Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, has said that he will go after Hillary already.

Unless the House Oversight Committee suddenly decides that they are not going to go after Hillary for her crimes, there is only one way to guarantee that she doesn’t face charges or jail time. That would be from a pardon from President Obama.

Again, we have seen a presidential pardon issued before they were even charged with any crimes. Ford literally didn’t wait for charges to be pressed against Nixon and pardoned him anyways. After that decision was made, Ford was criticized for clearing him.

What is going to stop Obama from issuing a pardon on the last day of his presidency? Of course should that happen, then there is absolutely no way that the incoming Trump administration, nor the House Oversight Committee, would be able to charge Hillary for anything that she has done.

None of us should be surprised that Hillary has still not been indicted in a Federal court for her crimes

Hillary Would Receive A Get Out Of Jail Free Card

The only thing that the pardon would prove is that Obama knew that Hillary was guilty of committing crimes. While that would be a great moral victory, nothing could be done to make sure that she pays for those crimes. The Democrats would literally have the last laugh on this matter.

While Trump has claimed that he wouldn’t touch her on the emails and the server scandal, he didn’t mention anything about the Clinton Foundation. We know that her Foundation has had a plethora of scandals. There is undeniable proof that this has happened, thanks to the WikiLeaks releases. That is reason enough to suspect that he is going to go after Hillary on these matters, and there is a lot there to target.

One subject includes the pay-to-play scandals, in which the Clintons received money from other nations to make sure that they would give them special deals that would benefit their nation entirely. We have seen several emails that have shown the nations donating a tremendous amount of money and asking for a special meeting with the Clintons.

Why would they ask for a special meeting if they weren’t asking for special favors? Also, why would Hillary accept these meetings just because they have donated a lot of money? That just screams that she is going to have special favors done as a reward for donations. It’s one of those instances where it turns into a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.”

The Clinton Foundation has also been suspected of evading taxes. As much as paying taxes is unpleasant, we still have to do that. There is NO reason that the Clinton Foundation should avoid paying taxes, considering the millions that have been donated to the cause. Not to mention that this happened while Hillary was Secretary of State.

Finally, Hillary used the Foundation as a way to launder money. She was literally hiding money into the organization to benefit herself and her family. Not only is that morally wrong; it’s illegal. This is something that has to be corrected, and that is what Trump and Sessions are most likely going to go after. That means that Obama is going to pardon her on THOSE crimes. As stated before, you can’t prosecute someone that has a presidential pardon.

President Obama Remains Tight-Lipped About Whistleblower Pardons

Anything Can Happen Considering He Has Less Than A Month Left

This is what Obama is going to save Hillary from. There is enough evidence out there to make sure that she faces jail time for the crimes committed by the Clinton Foundation. Trump and his administration have already said that they are going to go after her. This is Obama’s last attempt to save her from jail, and what is going to stop him from doing it?

Besides, Hillary is still facing investigations from the FBI. Corruption is rampant there, and the FBI still hasn’t stopped their investigation because of the election that was occurring. They even said that they were going to continue no matter what the results were. Hopefully the investigations from the House Oversight committee can continue.

As mentioned earlier, Congressional Republicans are not thrilled with Hillary in the slightest. Trey Gowdy even released a statement against President Obama that was music to every anti-Hillary supporter out there. He essentially said that Obama is no longer his president and they are going to charge Hillary for her crimes. Again, that is pure music to the ears of every anti-Hillary supporter around.

Share this article with your friends and family to show them that history might be on the verge of repeating itself. Obama still has time to issue a presidential pardon to make sure that Hillary doesn’t spend a day in jail. It’s what Ford did for Nixon, so what is to stop Obama from doing it?