Crossfire Hurricane

PUBLISHED: 4:20 PM 17 May 2018

NYT Leakers Confirm ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ Operation Against Trump

“At least one” agent was actively working against the Trump campaign from inside.

According to an account from leakers in the intelligence community, the operation against President Trump, dubbed 'Crossfire Hurricane', has been going for at LEAST a year longer than previously believed.

At this point, it certainly appears that the Federal Bureau of Investigation, under the leadership of former Director James Comey, targeted the Donald Trump campaign during the 2016 election season. It also seems like the CIA, under the leadership of John Brennan, likewise planned to bring him down.

According to a shocking report released by the New York Times, an outlet not known for its love of President Trump, the FBI used a secret program to unconstitutionally gather phone records and ‘other’ documents from the campaign. They even utilized an undercover informant.

Plus, the same agents who ran an obviously biased investigation into Hillary Clinton became part of the payroll operation against the President, according to agents who leaked details of the ‘Crossfire Hurricane‘ operation to the Times. The story in the New York Times conflicts with claims from the FBI and CIA, making it almost impossible to tell who’s telling the truth.

Leakers told the NYT that within “hours” of opening an investigation into Donald Trump and his campaign on July 31, 2016, the FBI dispatched two agents to London to interview an Australian diplomat who talked to young Papadopoulos.

Two days later, the agents sent their report on the interview to the Washington D.C.

This pair of agents formed the backbone of what would become the ‘special investigation.’ But at the time, it was known by its codename, ‘Crossfire Hurricane.’ It seems that, despite claims that the report ‘supported’ or ‘helped provide a foundation’ for the agency’s case, it was the entire basis that sparked the investigation of President Trump and his campaign.

The legal basis of much of the investigation is extremely questionable. According to the NYT article, the FBI, under the leadership of James Comey, used a secret program to gather phone records and ‘other’ documents from the president’s campaign.

Specifically, they utilized ‘national security letters’ to get this information. National security letters are basically ‘secret’ orders that the FBI uses in lieu of a warrant from a judge.

Not much is known about these secretive NSL’s, due to government efforts to keep even the basic regulations concerning them hidden from the public. However, what is known is extremely controversial.

To use one of these secret letters, an FBI official simply needs to proclaim that the information sought is relevant to an investigation that is a matter of national security. The letter is backed by the force of law, but a judge is never involved in their issuance, a frightening abuse of civil rights.

The Times article reported that the FBI used these letters to obtain phone records and other documents. According to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the bureau can only use the letters to get information concerning: who owns an account, how long that person has owned that account, the person’s address, and ‘toll billing records.’

Allegedly, FBI internal guidelines also told bureau agents to use the letters to demand sensitive information concerning email transactions, even though the Department of Justice has SPECIFICALLY told the agency that this practice is outside their authority.

The FBI also apparently utilized a “top secret intelligence source.” This government informant met repeatedly with Carter Page and George Papadopoulos. He or she may have even worked against the president from inside his own campaign.

This means that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, a Republican Congressman from California, was completely right to demand information on the identity of this ‘informant’ from the DoJ, and that the identity of the informant may be crucial to understanding the corruption of the former FBI Director.

But why would they even be interested in sending agents to investigate the claims of an Australian diplomat? This suggests that the case was running before July 31, and that it may have been initiated not by the interview with said diplomat, but rather by an intelligence asset who repeatedly met with campaign personnel.

The article in the New York Times also couldn’t manage to form a solid idea of when, exactly, the investigation began.

According to many sources, they began their investigation into President Trump’s campaign ‘days’ after ending the Hillary Clinton investigation.

Comey officially announced that he declined to press charges against Clinton on July 5, 2016. The Donald J. Trump campaign investigation was ‘officially’ launched on July 31, 26 days later.

But the Central Intelligence Agency investigated the president and his campaign as well! On August 27, 2016, former CIA Director John Brennan sent a letter to Senate-Minority Leader Harry Reid (a democrat). In that letter, he urged that the FBI begin an investigation.

He also made sure that the letter could be released to the media.

A report published yesterday suggested that, according to news stories leaked to the British press, Brennan began spying on the president in April 2016.

This report further suggested that between April and July 2016, Brennan turned to ‘intelligence partners’ in Europe for dirt on the president’s campaign, and even formed what was essentially a multi-agency task force to investigate his campaign members.

During those months, Brennan boasted that he was “personally briefing” Barack Obama, then the president, on ‘Russian interference,’ which suggests that Obama knew of the investigation into the Trump campaign, and likely gave his blessing to it.