COP Subdues Drunks

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 26 Dec 2018
UPDATED: 6:19 PM 26 Dec 2018

NYPD Cop Takes On Five Drunk Men, Attack Not Prosecuted By District Attorney

Using his baton and some righteously savage kicks, the video of the veteran officer’s masterful containment of the situation has gone viral and he has been honored for showing restraint.

Syed Ali has been commended for his actions.

One police officer in New York has become an internet sensation after a group of drunken, homeless vagrants attacked him in the subway, where he was working alone.

Instead of succumbing to the group though, he handily took care of the criminals using just his baton and a few well-placed kicks. Video of the incident quickly gained hundreds of thousands of views, and his actions brought him recognition by leaders.

However, one aspect of the incident has infuriated many people. The District Attorney will not prosecute the group of intoxicated thugs, because they weren’t arrested for assaulting an officer.

On Sunday night, Syed Ali was working alone. He was approached by a women who claimed a group of men were harassing her.

Ali asked the men to leave the area, but the group refused and became combative. One bystander captured the incident.

“Stand back. I don’t want to hurt you,” Ali repeatedly shouted. But, rather than draw his gun, this Army reservist who has been deployed to Kuwait and Afghanistan and saw combat in Iraq in 2008, used common sense and some badass strikes to beat the attackers off.

Ali “kicked one of the men to fend him off, and another tried to go after the officer — but ended up tumbling onto the tracks.”

The NYPD Officer then contacted the station and had the track power shut down until backup could arrive. His quick thinking there, may have saved the attackers life.

The man was taken off the tracks, and all five criminals—Oseas Garcia, 32, Juan Munez, 27, Raul Ruiz, 29. Elisoe Alvarez Santos, 36 and Leobardo Alvarado, 31 —were taken into custody and processed as intoxicated emotionally disturbed people.

That’s why they won’t face any serious charges and are back out on the streets, in the same place, now.

“On Monday morning, Christmas Eve, officers returned to the same subway station and saw the men there again. They were taken into custody in local law violation of being outstretched in the station, police said.”

The district attorney has declined to prosecute the case, and many people are not happy.

As of Tuesday night, none of the men were to be prosecuted, said Danny Frost, a spokesman for Manhattan DA Cy Vance.

Frost said the problem is that NYPD never charged the men with attacking Ali.

“When people are arrested for attacking officers, we prosecute them. These men were not arrested for attacking an officer,” Frost said.

“They were arrested for sleeping on the floor of a subway station – a rules violation, not a crime. We have not prosecuted this violation since March 2016 under a policy jointly established with the Police Commissioner and Mayor,” he added.

That agreement also scuttled prosecutions for fare jumping, public urination, and other ‘minor’ offenses.

“There’s no telling how much damage these mopes would have done to that courageous police officer had he not been equipped to handle them. Had it gone the other way we might have had a seriously injured or dead police officer instead,” said Patrick Lynch, president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association.

“It’s wrong that they were not charged for attacking him. The District Attorney’s job is to prosecute crimes, not to act like a social advocate,” he added, and many people agree.

Ali’s actions also earned him a citation from Councilman Chaim Deutsch (D-Brooklyn), who visited Ali at the NYPD Transit Task Force base in North Brooklyn.

“Why were the attackers released? Deutsch asked on Twitter. “Were they offered mental health treatment and shelter, or are they back out on the streets, free to assault somebody else, or worse? Many unanswered questions.”

De Blasio tweeted that ‘attacking’ police officers won’t be tolerated, but it looks as if this attack is certainly being ‘tolerated.’

Thankfully, this brave individual used his head and subdued idiots without deadly force. Such action is commendable, but the lax approach to actual punishment in New York seems ridiculous and will likely embolden other dregs.

“Former Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, who is credited with helping clean up the subways as Transit Police chief in the early 1990s, said the city must deal with the vagrancy and quality-of-life issues that led to the attack on Ali.”

“NYC’s decline in the 70s & 80s began in the subways,” Bratton wrote on Twitter. “The quality-of-life declines & warning signs are all there for it to happen once again.”