PUBLISHED: 10:07 PM 25 Oct 2017
UPDATED: 10:36 PM 25 Oct 2017

NYC Mayoral Candidate Dangerous Past Revealed As Voters Learn About Report

Aaron Commey says he is a different man.

Aaron Commey says he is a different man.

Aaron Commey says he is a different man.

Aaron Commey wasn’t always a Libertarian and he certainly wasn’t suitable to be running for mayor. The question, should he be now, has left citizens puzzled.

17 years ago, he was allegedly suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. It was this condition that likely compelled him to rush the cockpit of a plane he was on from JFK to Las Vegas. He carried a gun and ordered the pilots to empty the plane of the 150 passengers and crew.

He then wanted to be flown to Antarctica believed he needed to parachute onto the continent to fight a non-existent group he called Cabal. He later said that Cabal would “take over the world through mass destruction.” Sometimes he told the pilots he wanted to go to Argentina instead.

The then-22-year-old held the pilots hostage for five hours until the police convinced him to surrender. Commey faced five charges including attempting to commit aircraft piracy. He was found not guilty on all counts by reason of insanity in September 2003.

He now admits that might be difficult for voters to overlook;

“It’s definitely a valid question … ‘Well, how can we trust you, when you’re this guy who tried to hijack a plane?’”

According to Commey, he was held in a medical center by government officials until 2015. This is what inspired him to go into politics as a Libertarian;

“Experiencing my own personal injustice, seeing injustice happen to other guys…that’s one of the things that had driven me to wanting to get involved to try to change the system. It showed me a side of government a lot of people think of in the abstract, but feeling it up close and personal made it all that more real to me. There was really only one party I saw that was tackling that aspect of government.”

He says that he has recovered from his illness;

“I am not the same person that I was. I was definitely severely mentally ill. And in addition to recovering from my mental illness without medication, I am a completely different person in terms of how I approach situations and I’m committed to nonviolence.”

Even without his history, he has almost no chance of winning. Most voters polled report never hearing of him, he has only $3,000 raised so far, and the last Libertarian to run got only 0.16% of the vote. Of course, given Mayor de Blasio’s recent escapades, things could be different this time around.

Source: New York Post