PUBLISHED: 10:20 PM 20 Apr 2017

NYC De Blasio Exposed: Caves To Muslims While Putting NYPD & Americans At Risk

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio (2nd L) speaks next to young family members of one of the victims during the funeral service of Imam Maulama Akonjee, and Thara Uddin in the Queens borough of New York City, August 15, 2016. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

The oddly tall and prehistoric-birdlike Mayor de Blasio, addressing a crowd of Muslim New Yorkers.

The NYPD – the preeminent anti-terrorist agency – is being handcuffed by the politically correct capitulation of a bloated and pudgy man – born Warren Wilhelm Jr. – now known as Bill de Blasio.Since the attacks of September 11

Since the attacks of September 11th, the NYPD has stopped 20 planned terror attacks. New York’s finest had been led by legendary police commissioner Ray Kelly for 12 years under Michael Bloomberg (born Michael Bloomberg). Then, when Bill de Blasio somehow became Mayor of New York City, he cycled through two; William Joseph Bratton and then James P. O’Neill.

Michael Bloomberg (L) and his Police Commissioner (R) kept New York safe in the post-9/11 era.

Commissioner Ray Kelly led the department to the forefront of counter-terrorism. Kelly once stated, “Terrorists are not limited by borders and boundaries. We can’t be either.” This statement gives some framing for his philosophy. This statement also implies something about homegrown terrorism, which is the worst fear of the terror analysts.

Most of the terror attacks that are carried to fruition are instances of homegrown terror. The kinds of attacks that Hamas or Al-Qaeda or other terrorist organizations attempt leave trails that organizations like the NYPD and the FBI can follow. The networks that these terrorist organizations use are known.

The truly dangerous types of terrorist attacks are the homegrown – lone-wolf-style – terrorist. Anti-terrorist organizations have a hard time preventing these types of attacks. Many times, they don’t use traditional networks. Their radicalization can be quiet. There are many examples of these kind of attacks – where seemingly normal Americans simply ascribe themselves to a terrorist organization or movement without having any real contact or instruction.

The Boston Bombers were an example of this. They were two brothers who decided to fill a pressure cooker with nails and other kinds of homemade shrapnel and blow it up.

philip mudd

Philip Mudd worked at both the CIA and the FBI in prominent positions and is one of the nations best counter-terrorist functionaries.

In the aftermath of this, prominent counter-terrorist Philip Mudd was interviewed by C-Span. In this interview, he made it a point of stating how difficult it was to secure the country from attack of this type. Mudd categorized these types as not ‘imminent threats’ but ‘episodic threats’. These are essentially unpreventable. “In an open society, you can’t stop two brothers who wanna [sic] buy fireworks and a pressure cooker. It’s not going to happen.”

Other examples of this attack are the truck massacres that have occurred in Europe. The San Bernadino attack and the massacre at the nightclub in Orlando are examples of these homegrown, radicalized terrorists that don’t leave a trail of information but leave a trail of blood.

The prevention of these types of attacks leave some people so desperate to find solutions that they suggest rather unrealistic ideas for prevention. For example, in Sweden, a popular columnist wrote a column that suggested banning cars and trucks from city centers. Now, this is almost a laughable suggestion to fixing the problem, and it is an indication of what poorly thought out anti-domestic-terrorism measure look like. Suggestions like these indicate a desperation in confronting attacks.

If only some group were able to produce a manual, a guidebook, that could make the job easier, gave a road map to law enforcers. Oh wait, you say there is?

bill deblasio WP

Bill de Blasio is a laid back kind of guy.

Written in the wake of the attacks on September 11th, the report, that is now being banned by the bumbling de Blasio, detailed the steps of citizens radicalizing religiously and turning into terrorists. It was considered one of the most essentially important pieces in the counter-terrorism toolbox.

Patrick Dunleavy, former deputy inspector general of the New York state prisons’ criminal-intelligence division, said: “The report was extremely accurate on how the radicalization process works and what indicators to look for.”

The report is based on the analysis of information gathered from previous terrorists. It enumerates a series of exhibitable behavioral changes – including giving up cigarettes or drinking, leaving old friends, taking an extreme interest in Mideast politics, growing a beard, etc. – that indicate possible radicalization.

Philip Haney was an analyst with the Department of Homeland Security. He said, “The radicalizer is Sharia, not the Internet.”

These remarks have people at CAIR – Council on American-Islamic Relations – upset. As soon as this guidebook for police was issued, CAIR filed a lawsuit against the NYPD. They alleged that the NYPD was violating their Constitutional rights by engaging in “suspicion-less surveillance”. The spying on Muslim-Americans and the monitoring of mosques was argued to be unwarranted and targeted surveillance by the state. The suit maintained that the guidebook employed by the NYPD should be thrown out.

Mike Bloomberg and Ray Kelly refused to settle this federal suit. The methods were implicitly deemed as necessary. In fact, the normally mild-mannered Bloomberg was publicly testy when government officials tried to interfere with police procedures.

When a New York City Council member suggested that the NYPD needed to add an inspector general to oversee the department, Bloomberg was incensed. “You won’t be safe anymore, and you are now,” said the former New York mayor. The protection of the citizenry is a sacred duty of a government official – especially an executive – and Bloomberg was willing to wade in the gray area regarding government surveillance.

bill de blasio trump tower

Bill de Blasio leaving his favorite coffee spot, Starbucks.

Present day Mayor Bill de Blasio, the man who wants to get rid of the horses in Central Park, has settled the lawsuit with CAIR. The City will remove the guidebook from the material that they use. But that isn’t all.

The City will pay $2,033,4416 in legal fees to plaintiffs, though they won’t pay any damages.

The City will also add another review committee to monitor its intelligence gathering. Not one single inspector general, but a committee, which is far less efficient because it is far more bureaucratic.

The New York Post is reporting that the mayor will appoint a lawyer – who has never worked for the NYPD – to a five-year term to monitor the committee that oversees intelligence investigations. There will be a new government funded position – appointed and not elected – to oversee the overseers. Logically, New Yorkers must ask, “who oversees this overseer?” Do not fret! Bureaucratic sage Bürgermeister Wilhelm Jr. shall undoubtedly come up with some convoluted and expensive way to make New Yorkers less safe and make it more difficult for government officers to do their jobs!