NY Oil Case

PUBLISHED: 7:42 PM 14 Jun 2018
UPDATED: 7:45 PM 14 Jun 2018

NY Mayor’s ‘Big Oil’ Lawsuit Gets Questioned By Judge

The judge has some serious questions about the threat posed by "big oil."

Mayor de Blasio may find that air has gone out of the global warming ruse.

Not since the fail of the Edsel has anything fizzled out quite like the lie of man-made global climate change. Time and time again, when examined by researchers (who are not getting funding to say otherwise), global warming is simply out of gas. It is not happening, and true believers like New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio are finding that the courts are starting to question the faux religion, according to Oil Price (dot com).

Judge John Keenan has some serious questions about the lawsuit filed by the mayor accusing “big oil” of causing global warming. The New York Post reported Keenan said, “The firehouses all have trucks. The Sanitation Department has trucks. If you open the door and go out to Foley Square, you’re going to see five police cars. Does the city have clean hands?” The scam is falling apart rapidly. Basically, these leftists just want to gouge someone or something in order to pay for their failing policies.

The case may not even go forward in light of what the judge just asked. According to Courthouse News, Chevron’s attorney Ted Boutros said that blaming the oil company for global warming is akin to blaming them over “the way civilization and humankind has developed over the ages.”

The lawyer also feels that the legislature is the right place for climate change debates, not the courts. However, as the myth of global warming becomes more clear, perhaps it only belongs in the realm of fantasy because the numbers and predictions just do not add up.

However, New York attorneys feel that the courts should be involved since oil is a ‘public nuisance.’ How many taxi cabs were used when these attorneys shuffled around the city?

This is a case of absolutely first-rate importance to New York,” stated attorney Matthew Pawa. He said also that New York is a coastal city and he fears the doom and gloom which has already not come true in regards to climate change.

Mayor de Blasio, in his foolishness, said with Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), that he wanted to “bring the death knell to this industry that’s done so much harm” to everyone.

This is not about oil or climate change, however, but control. The goals of restrictive leaders all throughout history have involved the control of movement. If one controls the oil and its costs, one controls the very movement of the people.

Sadly, so many of those very people have been dumbed down to the point where they actually imagine that this restriction is a good thing.

Meanwhile, the planet keeps not warming. Only a man like Bill de Blasio could still be blind to this truth.