Dem Lawsuit Wins

PUBLISHED: 9:08 PM 18 Oct 2018
UPDATED: 9:08 PM 18 Oct 2018

NY Election In Shambles After Judge Throws All GOP, 3 Conservatives Off Ballot

The absentee ballot process cannot be fixed in time, after all republicans candidates were tossed off the ballot.

The absentee ballot process cannot be fixed in time, after all republicans candidates were tossed off the ballot.

An Albany judge has thrown all four Republican candidates and three out of four ‘conservative’ nominees off the ballot for the New York State Supreme court. In a historic move, the election process is in chaos after Judge Roger McDonough took over a week to render his decision, although it was supposed to be completed within 24 hours.

Democratic Onondaga County election commissioner Dustin Czarny, said absentee ballots for the Nov. 6 election have to be sent out, but they will not include the Republican candidate replacements.

In what seems to be a purely partisan act, McDonough ruled today that “yet another week was required to allow for a do-over of the nominating convention.”

“Czarny said it’s not clear how absentee voters will get their ballots in time if they can’t be sent out for another week.”

“Right now, the absentee ballots are on hold,” Czarny stated.

Czarny and his Republican counterpart, Michelle Sardo, were already frantic after the judge’s decision was, seemingly specifically, delayed.

“The Board of Elections printed two sets of absentee ballots — one with the Republican candidates and one without. They hoped to send one version of the ballots out at 5 p.m. today.”

However, it’s nearly impossible that that will happen.

The lawsuit, brought by one of the brothers of a sitting Democrat Judge, Greg Limpert, won because of a technicality. Limpert is also the brother of one of the democrat judge’s nominated to sit on the state Supreme Court.

“The lawsuits were filed by Albany attorney James Long. He said it’s the first time this technicality has been the subject of a lawsuit.

In essence, election law forbids the convener of a convention from also serving as the chair of the convention. That’s what happened in both the Republican and Conservative Party conventions, based on meeting minutes, the judge ruled.

The state Supreme Court conventions are held separately from county party conventions because candidates cover a six-county region. These conventions are typically held after the primaries.”

It’s expected that the judge’s decision will be appealed, too.