Trump Blamed

PUBLISHED: 6:05 PM 30 Dec 2019

NY Dems Blame President Trump For Hanukkah Attack, Suspect Pleads “Not Guilty”

The audacity of these men apparently known no bounds, and they are trying to spread the fake assumption that the President is responsible for the increase of evil against Jewish citizens.

The attempts to blame President Trump have enraged many people. (Source: NBC Screenshot YouTube)

On the seventh night of Hanukkah, an armed man entered the home of an orthodox Jewish rabbi and carried out a stabbing attack against the people gathered there. The assailant has pleaded not guilty to the crime.

In New York’s Rockland community, the people were stunned and saddened by the monstrous incident, but democrat leaders Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo apparently wasted no time blaming the attack on President Trump.

On Sunday, de Blasio appeared on MSNBC’s “Weekends” and falsely claimed that the attack was the result of President Trump’s election.

De Blasio said, “For the last three years in this country the forces of hate have been unleashed, and we see more and more violence associated with those hateful impulses. Some of it organized and premeditated. The uptick in hate crimes in this city has led the NYPD to recognize we’ve got to get under the skin of these trends and see if they can disrupt them.”

He continued, “We’ve also known for years that there are white supremacists forces that are organizing to do violence. We know about the militias in some parts of the country. They’ve targeted law enforcement.

“These right-wing militias have targeted law enforcement for years in this country. Unfortunately, that trend is growing, that form of extremism. We’ve got to be able to track it and disrupt it in a way that, honestly, we didn’t face before in the city, nor much of the country. But let’s be honest, the last three years everything has changed. Once hate gets normalized, it spreads like wildfire, and it takes a more violent form, and we’ve got to stop it now before we end up making the wrong kind of history.”

He added, “It’s not a time for a partisan discussion, but it is a time to say some of the most hateful speech is emanating from Washington, D.C. [Lie] What we need our president to do is be a unifier, a calming positive voice, reminding us of what we have in common as Americans. That’s what presidents have done for generations. We’ve missed that.

“And the hateful speech even if it’s not inciting specific violence, let’s face it, we have seen these violent forces emboldened. We saw it in Charlottesville. We’ve seen it all over the country. And we’ve got to be honest about it without falling into a partisan battle to say something is different in recent years. I’ll be the first to say there were other problems before that. There were campus shootings and other horrible things, but the connection to racial and ethnic motivation, that has been growing in the last few years, and that’s what we’ve got to stop.”

The statements here are sickening to many people. The attack on Saturday was NOT carried out by a “white supremacist.”

De Blasio basically removed all blame of his own soft-on-crime approach and chose to use the violence to further the narrative of white nationalist terror.

Cuomo appeared on MSNBC’s “Live” Sunday broadcast and parroted similar sentiments.

Cuomo said, “We tend to treat these situations as isolated episodes, but really if we just connect the dots, we have a pattern of hate in this nation that is only getting worse. We’ve seen almost weekly attacks on people based on race, color, creed. It’s hate-motivated. Apparently, there was another shooting in Texas today in a church. We’ve seen attacks against African-Americans, Latinos, LGBTQ community. And let’s call it what it is and let government act because this can destroy this nation. It is corrosive. It’s an American cancer.”

He continued, “It starts at the top, and then it goes on to a point where it becomes viral across this nation. And it is now viral. And you see it coming to the surface in different manifestations from coast to coast. And we’re comforted treated it as isolated episodes, but there’s a pattern to all of this, and it spells hate.”

“What can anyone make of President Trump’s tweets? They say more about the sender than anything else. New York, he believes, is a Democratic state, and this is how he plays to his partisan base by demonizing Democrats. Democrats are evil, Democrats are bad, Democrats have lost their mind, they’re anti-American.

“You foment that hate, and then you’re shocked when you see these episodes of hate all across the country? That has now become the dialogue and the currency of this nation, and it’s in politics, but then it resonates out of the politics into society. And now you see people who are acting out on those hateful acts and people are impressionable, and some people are lost, and some people are vessels and some people are ill, and they hear it and they respond.”

Again, the stabbing suspect in this crime was NOT encouraged by President Trump.

The suspect, whose name the mainstream media is happy to celebrate, entered the home and carried out the attack on unsuspecting worshipers.

NBC News reported:

Brad Weidel, the police chief of Ramapo, which provides police and government services for Monsey, said a man armed with a blade attacked at around 10 p.m., on the seventh night of Hanukkah. The attacker was arrested by New York police nearly two hours later in the Harlem section of Manhattan, NBC New York reported.

Ramapo police identified the suspect as Grafton Thomas, 37, of Greenwood Lake in nearby Orange County.

Weidel said the victims were taken to two hospitals. Their conditions were not released.

The suspect was caught in a car after license plate readers in Harlem and on the George Washington Bridge were able to locate him, a senior law enforcement official told NBC News. Investigators requested a search warrant for the vehicle to determine whether the weapon was inside.

Thomas pleaded not guilty Sunday to five counts of attempted murder and one count of burglary, NBC New York reported. Partial cash bail was set at $5 million.

[Which is stunning considering the newest laws about to take place allowing ‘non-violent’ offenders released without bail.]

The Guardian Angels, a private, unarmed crime-prevention group, said earlier Saturday that it would start patrolling the Brooklyn borough of New York City’s on Sunday because of the recent attacks. New York police said Friday that they would step up patrols in high-profile Jewish neighborhoods.

“Last night’s attack in Monsey, Rockland County was a despicable display of hate,” Terence Monahan, the police department’s chief of department, said Sunday. “NYPD cops, like those who apprehended the suspect in Harlem, are protecting NYC’s Jewish community.

Of course, the suspect’s family claims he has “mental illness,” but if that is the case, why was he allowed to go roaming the city with a knife, many people ask.

The answer is clear, they say, New York encourages an atmosphere that promotes violence against citizens and gives preferential treatment to criminals.