This Memo Could Expose Clinton's Corrupt Plot

PUBLISHED: 12:32 AM 9 Feb 2018

Nunes’ Second Memo Targets Top Clinton Confidants

Republicans are coming for Hillary Clinton and her allies.

Nunes' second memo will shock the deep state.

House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes is preparing to release a second memo as part of his investigation into political impropriety at the Justice Department, FBI, and on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

His second memo will take dead aim at former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s top two confidants, both of which were big players in the Benghazi cover-up.

Nunes is coming after Sidney Blumenthal and Cody Shearer, top Clinton allies who were “feeding” former MI6 operative Christopher Steele information to use in his controversial dossier.

During the 2016 presidential election, the Clintons used Blumenthal and Shearer to funnel money to Steele. They also worked closely with him to include certain information in his fake dossier to fuel Russia conspiracy theories against President Donald Trump.

But Shearer was also working on a second dossier, which he compiled based on Steele’s dossier and likely had help from the former secretary of state to create the second hit piece against Trump.

Nunes wants both Blumenthal and Shearer subpoenaed and forced to answer questions before Congress about what Clinton directed them to do and why her operatives were working with Steele to compile two dossiers in the middle of a presidential election.

Blumenthal and Shearer have long been trusted allies to the Clintons.

Following the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack in Libya, they were tasked with cultivating and launching a misinformation campaign throughout the media to claim Hillary Clinton wasn’t to blame for the terrorist attack.

Clinton not only ignored numerous security warnings when she was secretary of state, but she also refused to act for 13 hours while our men and women were left to fight for their lives against hundreds of radical Islamic terrorists.

Four Americans were killed during the attack, and Clinton did nothing to prevent it.

Nunes’ second memo exploiting Blumenthal and Shearer comes on the heels of his first explosive memo, which exploited how FBI and DOJ officials used Steele’s dossier to obtain a warrant to spy on Carter Page, a volunteer to Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Steele was hired by the Clinton-allied firm Fusion GPS to compile the dossier, which contained numerous unverified claims the FBI admitted it couldn’t corroborate.

The FBI also failed to notify the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that Fusion GPS was given nearly $10 million to fund the dossier by Clinton’s 2016 campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

The bureau was still able to obtain the warrant, which triggered the entire phony Russia probe — and Nunes is gunning to expose the entire operation.

Both of the memos will collectively expose how Steel’s dossier — which Blumenthal and Shearer helped compile — was promoted to the highest levels of the FBI and DOJ by Clintons allies to launch the Russia investigation.

Clinton, Blumenthal, and Shearer should be charged criminally and thrown in jail for this massive corruption scheme.

Source: Business Insider