Plot To Take Out Trump

PUBLISHED: 7:08 PM 29 Jan 2019
UPDATED: 7:10 PM 29 Jan 2019

Nunes Drops Bombshell: Rosenstein Made Trump ‘Target’

In a speculative statement made yesterday by Devin Nunes, the entire plot to take down and impeach President Trump, orchestrated by Rod Rosenstein, now makes sense.

If what Devin Nunes stated is accurate, the whole giant set up of President Trump now makes sense.

The Conservative Treehouse noticed a stunning development in the so-called Russian collusion case, dropped by Devin Nunes during an interview with Maria Bartiromo. The implications of the statement Nunes made reveal that Rod Rosenstein gave Robert Mueller the power to investigate a sitting president.

And if so, those two would have to hide everything from everyone, including President Trump, and the answers to the following questions now make sense:

  • Why Rosenstein introduced Mueller to President Trump the day before he was appointed as Special Counsel?
  • Why Mueller/Rosenstein are hiding the investigative origination letter?
  • Why President Trump has NOT been able to declassify documents? and
  • Why President Trump is, and will always be, hamstrung by the Mueller investigation?

Moreover, the plan to impeach a sitting president using unverified opposition research has been carried out to perfection.

“In short, Devin Nunes speculated that Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein put the substantive allegations from the Fusion-GPS/Ohr/Steele Dossier into his investigative instructions (full pdf) that he gave Robert Mueller.

“If it is accurate that Rosenstein charged Robert Mueller with investigating the dossier claims; and if Nunes is accurate that the DOJ investigative target, a derivative of the dossier, is Donald Trump; well, everything starts to make a hell of a lot more sense.”

If the mandate given to Robert Mueller was specifically told to make the president an active participant, and subsequent target, for a counterintelligence operation, then Rosenstein and Mueller “would have to hide that mandate from everyone and anyone.”

More specifically, Rosenstein and Mueller would “NEVER be able to honestly discuss the Mueller probe with President Trump; because President Trump would be the primary target within the investigation.”

“Remember, back when this entire nonsense began, President Trump strongly said he had nothing to do with any coordination with Russia; nothing to do with collusion with Russia; and also stated he was okay with the investigation as it looked into the propriety of people within the 2016 campaign.

“However, these statements were also with the assumption, held by himself as a result of -perhaps false- confirmations from James Comey, that he himself was not a target.”

If Nunes speculation is accurate, and if the reports over the past two years are accurate, “then President Trump was and is the target, and none of the principles would be able to discuss the key elements specifically because of this extra-constitutional issue.”

“All of President Trump’s prior commentary would be based on a (2017/2018) assumption that he was not the target of the FBI probe that was eventually turned over to Mueller by Rosenstein.

“If Nunes is accurate; and that origination instruction includes the specific charge to investigate the President; then all prior assumptions are invalid.


  • Rosenstein (or any DOJ/FBI official) would always be engaging with POTUS as a target.  All conversation would be clouded by that aspect. As a result, Rosenstein could never be fully honest with President Trump; or answer any question therein.
  • Any action taken by President Trump (emphasis on “any”) would therefore potentially be direct influence by the President toward an investigation that held him as a target.  He could never be permitted to approach the investigation…. yet he would never find anyone with an honest answer as to why he cannot approach the investigation.

“We previously pondered this aspect when we outlined “the declassification conundrum.” However, at the time we did not evaluate the classifications issue from a target perspective; we were evaluating the issue as if President Trump was the victim of the illegal targeting.

“If you flip the paradigm and now look at what actions President Trump could take, while reconsidering that he is the likely principle target, well, two years of contradictory things start to make more sense.”

“The conversation, and inability of Rosenstein to be honest with POTUS, changes the dynamic of this tweet:

“POTUS writing: “may have a perceived negative impact on the Russia probe” takes on a whole new meaning when you consider a conversation where Rosenstein cannot be honest with the target of the “Russia probe”…. and the target has essentially no idea.”

Remember, everyone was told that Mueller was conducting an investigation into Russian interference with the election; and/or other matters that may surface as an outcome of that investigation.

“However, we never knew (still don’t) the actual content of the August 2017 clarification mandate that Rosenstein gave to Mueller.”

“Taking Nunes speculation as accurate (after much more thought, it likely is) the redacted portion of the published mandate would be the part where President Trump is outlined as a target.

“A direct target, or an indirect target, matters not. What matters is that President Trump is A TARGET.  That would explain why Mueller requested that Rosenstein write down a much more expanded explanation for the mandate that no-one [NO-ONE other than Judge Ellis (Manafort case)], has ever seen.

“Any action taken by President Trump to declassify documents, that would show the dubious structure of the originating FBI investigation, would now be considered—as the target of the investigation—undermining the investigation into himself.”

This could be viewed as an ‘obstruction’ of justice on the part of the president.

Congress requesting President Trump to declassify documents showing the unlawful nature of the investigative origination would be impotent.

“From the position of the DOJ:

“As a counterintelligence target President Trump cannot declassify evidence, nor can he direct anyone to declassifying any evidence on his behalf.


“Ultimately the only person who can correct this issue appears to be the same person who started this entire mess, Rod Rosenstein.  Which likely explains why he said he will leave the DOJ when Mueller is finished.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who had been overseeing the special counsel investigation, plans to step down after Robert Mueller submits his report, according to administration officials familiar with his thinking.

A source close to Rosenstein said he intends to stay on until Mueller submits a report to the Justice Department on the Russian meddling investigation. The source said that would mean Rosenstein would remain until early March.

“[*note* from this timeline you can see how the impeachment plans of Pelosi, Cummings, Schiff and Nadler align with Mueller (report) and Rosenstein (exit).  Nunes is trying to catch Rosenstein before he can escape the coming shitstorm he created]”

The entire set-up makes sense if what Nunes said is right. And, if it is, there is no longer an America not-controlled by the special interests of a few key leftists.