Immigrants And Mass Shootings

PUBLISHED: 12:23 AM 24 Feb 2018

Numbers Reveal Mass Shooting Truth, Immigrants Behind 47%

It is being suggested that cracking down on immigration would improve crime rates.

Immigration policy is a driving force behind mass shootings in the United States.

Since 2000, 16 of the last 34 mass shootings, 47%, that did not revolve around a family dispute, targeted assassinations of law enforcement or those that occurred on an Indian reservation, were committed by first and second-generation immigrants.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) classifies mass shootings as shootings in which four or more people are shot and killed over a brief period in a particular area and when the shooter is not doing so in the commission of another crime.

The immigration policy in place prior to the 1965 Hart-Cellar Act pushed by Ted Kennedy, would have ensured that the vast majority of these foreign nationals would have never been imported to the United States if any at all.

Salvador Tapia is an immigrant from Mexico. In 2003, Tapia decided to return to his former workplace in Chicago, Illinois, and shoot several people in the Windy City Core Supply warehouse. This massacre left six people dead.

Chai Soua Vang is an immigrant in the United States from Hmong. On November 21, 2004 Vang was confronted after trespassing on private property during hunting season in northern Wisconsin.

It is reported that Vang turned to leave the confrontation and when he was walking away, he turned around an unloaded 20 rounds on the hunters, killing six, four of whom were shot in the back.

Seung-Hui Cho was an immigrant from South Korea. Cho decided he would go on a murdering spree in the early hours of April 16, 2007.

Cho began by killing two people in a Virginia Tech dorm, then moving on to the classrooms and halls where he would murder 30 more and injure another 17. The violence came to an end when Cho turn the gun on himself and pulled the trigger.

Sulejman Talovic was an immigrant from Bosnia who ICE described as “a legal permanent resident of the United States.”

Five people died in Salt Lake City when Talovic traveled to Trolley Square Mall, shot and killed two people outside the mall and three others inside before police arrived and killed the immigrant in a shootout.

On April 3, 2009, an immigrant from Vietnam, Jiverly Wong, shot and killed 13 people at the American Civic Association in Binghamton, New York, before turning the gun on himself and ending the rampage.

On November 5, 2009 a second-generation Palestinian immigrant, Nidal Malik Hasan, went on a violent killing spree at the Fort Hood military base in Texas, killing 13 people. Hasan said he was protecting the leader of the Taliban and the interest of the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.”

Aaron Alexis is another immigrant that went on a murder spree in a military base. On September 16, 2013 he walked onto a naval base with a shotgun and killed 12 and injured several others before a Washington police officer was able to get to the scene and kill Alexis.

It was December 2, 2015 when married couple Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, first and second generation Pakistani immigrants, decided they would go on a killing spree in San Bernardino.

They targeted a Christmas party at a community center and were able to take the lives of 14 people before being killed in a shootout with police. Investigators would later find 12 pipe-bombs in their house along with bomb making equipment.

Omar Mateen may be one of the most famous mass shooters, he was a second-generation immigrant whose parents hailed from Afghanistan.

He went on a shooting spree in a gay club in Orlando, Florida on December 2, 2015. Some 49 people lost their lives at the hands of this Muslim that night.

Other immigrants who committed mass shootings include; Christopher Harper-Mercer of England, killed nine, Mohammad Youseff Abdulazeez from Kuwait, killed five, Elliot Rodger, Parents from Malaysia, killed six, John Zawahri, parents from Lebanon, killed five, Pedro Alberto from Cuba, killed six, One L. Goh from South Korea, killed seven, and Eduardo Sencion from Mexico, killed four.

This list does not include instances when gangs with heavy immigrant populations, such as MS-13, get into shootouts with other gangs and multiple people are killed, and yet the figures are still staggering.

A moratorium on immigration and mass repatriation would reduce mass shootings far more than any legislation which further restricts the rights of Americans to own and carry firearms, yet in spite of the facts, President Trump has gone soft on immigration and has now stated he is willing to pass more gun control legislation.