PUBLISHED: 4:54 PM 18 Jan 2018

Nuclear Strategy Modification, “Expanding Threats” Outlined As Trump Moves Option To Next Step

Martin Walsh by

Mattis and Trump are working to ensure the U.S> is always protected.

Mattis and Trump are working to ensure the U.S. is always protected.

The president of the United States has always had the power to use nuclear weapons in response to an attack against the U.S., but the Pentagon wants to ensure that said power can be expanded for the first time ever to include attempts to destroy that nation’s infrastructure with cyberattacks,

A newly drafted nuclear strategy from the Pentagon seeking to ensure the president will always be capable of adhering to the “expanding threats” from rogue nations is currently being evaluated by President Donald Trump and his top advisers.

The Pentagon draft, which was reviewed and approved by Defense Secretary James Mattis, indicates that nuclear advances from Russia, China, North Korea and Iran reveal that the U.S. must also update its current nuclear strategies to root out any vulnerabilities.

The draft document, according to Newsmax, indicates that “we must look reality in the eye and see the world as it is, not as we wish it to be [and realign] our nuclear policy with a realistic assessment of the threats we face today and the uncertainties regarding the future security environment.”

It also revealed that there’s a “particular concern” about “expanding threats in space and cyberspace” to the nuclear control systems.

And top Pentagon officials have made it clear the U.S. cannot afford to never not be fully prepared.

Mattis is working to ensure the president will always have the power to defend the country.

The Pentagon worries that a cyberattack from space could disable or harm the United States’ ability to order a nuclear strike in the event of an attack.

In light of China and Russia – which extends to Iran and North Korea because they prop them up covertly – updating their systems in recent years, the Pentagon wants to ensure the president can always access our nuclear arsenal should a foreign nation attack our space and communications systems.

The new plan from the Pentagon embodies Trump’s agenda: protect the homeland at all costs.

With Iran and North Korea threatening to attack the United States as well as China and Russia striving to overtake the U.S. as having the world’s strongest military, the U.S. is taking major steps to ensure we will always be able to protect ourselves and use our nuclear weapons in the event of a cyberattack.

Source: Newsmax