PUBLISHED: 10:57 PM 26 Jan 2017

Nuclear Codes Handed To Trump…What He Did Is Now Making Liberals Reconsider Their Hate

Trump Insists Mexico Will Pay For The Wall


Trump has taken the acquiring of the nuclear codes with stark seriousness.

While the fake news channel MSNBC and President Barack Obama were saying that they did not trust Donald Trump with the nuclear bomb codes, when liberal voices were saying that Trump was hellbent on starting a radioactive holocaust as soon as he found someone to launch upon (they never managed to say WHO Trump was going to bomb, or why), the truth of the matter is that when it actually happened it was shown to have been rather humbling. Rather than boast or downplay the issue, Trump showed great reverence for that which he was entrusted with, along with a pleasant letter from Obama.

Trump’s usually jokative’ demeanor was tellingly absent on the topic when he said, ‘When they explain what it represents and the kind of destruction that you’re talking about, it is a very sobering moment. It’s very, very, very scary in a sense.’ Those hardly sound like the words of a madman set to unleash nuclear death upon the planet, even though he did add that he would not be kept up at night because he trusted himself to do the right thing concerning them.

The left will twist this to mean that he is arrogant about the matter, but would the left rather a man who did not trust himself with the power? Imagine, the firepower to commit a ghastly act that would bring unholy and irrevocable terror upon every living thing for the rest of the planets life. That is no small matter.


Trump is not looking to start a nuclear war with anyone, but he does want others to know that America is not backing down to anyone.

While his first White House interview did entail the fact that illegal voting cost him the popular vote, how he will not leave sick people dying in the streets, that he leaves waterboarding up to the generals, EXTREME vetting for those coming into the nation from terror-sponsoring states will be official policy, and that he doubled down on his very observant statement that Chicago is worse than Afghanistan, he spoke deeply about the nuclear issue.

While all of this will be talked about all the up through the Sunday News shows, it is the nuclear war matter that will not get the attention that it needs to. Since Trump would not rule out using nuclear weapons, under instance would President Trump employ such destruction and power?

Well in order for Trump to attack anyone, we have to first decide who he would attack. Russia is not a likely option for while things are indeed quite icy, unless something larger happens in the South China Sea or unless things happen along the Russian border, nuclear war is doubtful. If something does happen in those areas, it is likely that other nations would launch upon the USA according to statements from both Putin and Xi. Trump is not buzzing warships of Russia’s, they are doing it to us. None of this would help if mankind were blown from the Earth either way, but it is safe to say that Trump is not looking to bomb China nor Russia.


The lie that Trump is planning a war with Putin has no basis in fact.

North Korea, the pet monkey of China is also not a likely target because, besides the fact that Donald Trump is not Dr. Strangelove bent on wiping out mankind and living in a hole in the Earth, but also due to the fact that this would poison our ally South Korea with radioactive poison to do so.

There is really only a couple of targets in North Korea that don’t already look like a nuclear bomb went off there and the main one is within spitting distance of the South Korean border with a major city in it. So, no, Trump isn’t nuking Kim Jung Un.

Much of the phobia about what Trump has said is, by his own words, is just a need to keep all potential enemies at bay. If an enemy thinks that, even for a millisecond, that Trump would resort to nuclear weapons, perhaps they will not resort to such weapons against the U.S. or others.

Therefore, the reason that he said that if we are going to promise to NOT use them, then why make them is because it is a far cry from what the media portrayed which was, that Trump said that we SHOULD use them since we made them. Trump has no intention to bomb anyone at all, but still, the question remains, under what circumstance would Trump use a nuclear weapon?


There is a lot of responsibility that comes with the having the nuclear launch codes, and Trump is secure in himself with such power.

The answer is that he is no more likely to use them than any other leader. He may be a tad less inclined considering that he comes from a background of working with all people to get things done, not bred with a hatred that taints the view of other nations after years of war and/or bickering, like some in Congress. If a nation used them on us as official procedure, (such as if Russia DID launch on us under Putin’s orders) as opposed to rogue entity which may still trigger a war depending upon the circumstance’s and how quickly facts were gathered.

If a nation were to use chemical, biological, or any like weapon upon America or American interests in any way, that could be a bad harbinger, again more so if done as official policy and with purpose. Accidental launches of nuclear weapons have almost happened many times during history too, and under that scenario things can digress rather rapidly. If all of these instances sound like the exact same as what every leader since we have (unwisely) split the atom has had to deal with, then congratulations Mr. Dumbhead liberal, you are waking up!


Those that claim that Trump wants a war can never say WHO he plans to attack….because he has no one in mind and it is a baseless fear.

Trump is no more likely to bomb anyone than he is to leap from Trump Tower. Nuking most of the Middle East is not an option unless we are fired upon -which thanks to Obama and Kerry is an option from Iran, unfortunately – but beyond that there are too many civilians to logistically nuke ISIS. ISIS, like all great historical cowards, hides in civilian populations like bedbugs for that very reason, so bombing ISIS is right out, too. Ditto on Syria for the same reasons.

Instead of losing sleep imagining Trump playing war game scenarios on his laptop computer as visions of mushroom clouds dance through his head, why don’t we worry a bit more about what really could cause an attack, and that is how we interact with other nations. After all, they are the ones threatening America with them, Trump is just replying that we too can defend ourselves. Therefore let us support Trump and pray that the deals that he has sworn to bring us are the kinds of good deals that make friends out of enemies.

In such a world we then don’t only have to not worry as much about Trump bombing anyone, but of anyone bombing us.