PUBLISHED: 8:29 PM 7 Feb 2017

Now Chaffetz Too? Republican Traitors Caught In The Act Of Taking From American People

Who is Congressman Chaffetz talking to? What kind of "deals" are being made?

Who is Congressman Chaffetz talking to? What kind of "deals" are being made?

Who is Congressman Chaffetz talking to? What kind of “deals” are being made?

First Obama steals the land from states, then the Republicans try to sell it, and now the bill presented to sell off over 3 million acres of public land has been withdrawn, thanks to the voices of the American people. But what is going to happen to the land now?

Will it be sold at a later date under a different Congress? Will the federal thugs of the BLM be allowed to continue their unconstitutional acts of terror on hard working American taxpayers? Or will the land be returned to the states as the rightful owners?

Although federal land grabbing has been an ongoing issue for decades, the latest firestorm ignited when Obama grabbed over 2 million more acres of land in a midnight action during his final days in the Oval office, as reported here. Records show Obama has grabbed more land than any other US President in history.

Obama has stolen millions of acres of land to serve his "special Interests"

Obama has stolen millions of acres of land to serve his “special Interests”

Included in his grab is the same land in Nevada where western ranchers peacefully stood up against the BLM in support of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy. The Bundy standoff ended without incident when the BLM backed down and allowed the ranchers to recover cattle illegally seized from the Bundy’s by federal agents in a dispute over grazing rights.

Last week Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah quietly introduced a bill to sell off the illegally seized land to the highest bidder, saying it serves, “no purpose for the taxpayer.”

According to The Guardian, the legislation directed the interior secretary to immediately sell off an area of public land the size of Connecticut. The press release for House Bill 621 revealed Chaffetz, a Tea Party Republican, sponsored the proposed legislation.

In a rare show of solidarity hunters and environmentalists joined forces to fight the bill and as a result of the pressure, Chaffetz has since withdrawn it. Which proves the voice of the people can effectively change the actions of the government without the use of violent protests and rioting.

Two of the complainers leading the charge against the bill were Jason Amaro, who represents the south-west chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers and Scott Groene, a Utah conservationist.

The alliance proves those from the political right and left can work together respectfully, it is just a matter of choice and behavior. Both see the overreach of Obama and the BLM as a violation of the Constitution. Both agree the truth of the BLM’s illegal activities in the west needs to be brought to the forefront of public attention.

Hunting and fishing are huge sources of income for rural areas!

Hunting and fishing are huge sources of income for rural areas!

Groene said the state’s elected officials were trying to “seize public lands any way they can” without providing Americans a chance to weigh in, reported The Guardian. He added that if residents knew what was occurring, “they would be shocked.”

Amaro, who lives in New Mexico where 70,000 acres had been singled out in the bill, called the action a land grab. He took exception with Chaffetz’s statement the land served no purpose for the taxpayers.

“Last I checked, hunters and fishermen were taxpayers,” said Amaro. Adding, “that word ‘disposal’ is scary. It’s not ‘disposable’ for an outdoorsman,” he said in reference to the bill’s wording.

The area Amaro refers too is a huge economic advantage to the towns there and to privatize it would be a loss of major revenue as well as jobs.

“In total, his state, which sees $650m in economic activity from hunting and fishing, stands to lose 800,000 acres of BLM land, or more than the state of Rhode Island,” reports The Guardian.

The move by Chaffetz took ranchers off guard since the Utah statesman has supported their efforts in fighting the BLM over water and grazing rights. An issue that has negatively affected thousands of ranching families and their livelihoods as revealed during the Oregon standoff. The death of AZ rancher LaVoy Finacum  at the hands of federal and state snipers, led to the ending of the protest.

Finacum and three others in his vehicle were trapped by an illegal roadblock and fled after being fired upon without cause only to run into another trap set up at a blind curve down the road.

Finacum exited the vehicle in compliance with hands in the air but was shot anyways by snipers who came charging out of the woods. The shooting death is now under investigation, a fact MSM refuses to report. The first trial of protesters, including the Bundy brothers who traveled to Oregon to stand with fellow ranchers, ended with a verdict of innocence. Little was reported by the MSM about the verdict.

Chaffetz announced the withdrawal of the bill through his Instagram account.

“I am withdrawing HR 621. I’m a proud gun owner, hunter and love our public lands. The bill would have disposed of small parcels of lands Pres. Clinton identified as serving no public purpose but groups I support and care about fear it sends the wrong message. The bill was originally introduced several years ago. I look forward to working with you. I hear you and HR 621 dies tomorrow. #keepitpublic #tbt

Chavetz shocked shocked ranchers with his bill to sell land!!

Chaffetz shocked shocked ranchers with his bill to sell land!!

However the statement did not address what the government intends to do with the land in the future.

Shouldn’t this land be turned back over to the states as the rightful owners? Should not the taxpayers living in the areas of the land have a voice in its use and not the federal government or it’s bullying BLM?

Turning the land back over to the states will eliminate any further encroachments by the federal government; acts of privatization that can have a large impact on the residents living in the area.

“Access has been eliminated for much of the forest. The private landowners now effectively have their own private hunting preserves by not allowing public hunters a way into the national forest,” Amaro said.

Senator Orrin Hatch has proposed eliminating the 1906 Antiquities Act, which has allowed presidents since Theodore Roosevelt to seize land for national monuments. This problem with the Act is it violates the Constitution in that states have to agree to sell the land to the federal government, which has not been the case in most land grabs.

There has yet to be a case to go before the US Supreme course challenging the constitutionality of the Antiquities Act. Perhaps it is time a case be presented to the high court.

Roosevelt, a staunch conversationalist, sought to protect the most pristine areas of the US from industrial expansion and destruction. However, in modern times, the federal government is grabbing land for more sinister reasons, to sell of the resources to companies in China and Russia.

Deals that line the pockets of greedy politicians such has been revealed in the now dismantled Clinton Foundation, which is facing possible criminal investigation along with Hillary Clinton’s activities as Obama’s secretary of state. Deals she signed off that led to self wealth through the foundation.

One piece of legislation sponsored by Chaffetz will ease the BLMs power and throat hold on ranching families.

The Local Enforcement for Local Lands Act (HR 622), which will strip the BLM’s and US Forest Service of its law enforcement capacity.  As it stands now agents can seize property, water and what ever else they deem without due process of law.

The BLM stole thousands of gallons of water out of Finacum’s legal holding tank to water cattle to fight a forest fire. Finacum had problem with them taking the water in an emergency but the BLM refuses to pay or simply replace it.

Unlike much of the rest of the country, water is a rare and valuable resource to western ranchers and farmers and one in which their very economic livelihoods need to supply food to the rest of the country.

Finacum’s case is just one of thousands of illegal encroachment and seizures by the BLM throughout the west. A federal agency exploiting their authority, breaking the laws through their own enforcement of their own “regulations,” and fees (nice word for taxes) without the approval of Congress, state legislators and local authorities.

Actions taken against American citizens without government representation. Did the US not fight a war against the tyrannous King George of England over this very issue more than 200 years ago?

For the sake of our food supply and the western ranchers, lets pray the bill passes.