PUBLISHED: 8:02 PM 5 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 10:46 PM 5 Dec 2017

“Not Who We Are”: Former FBI Official Stuns Citizens, Americans Must “Adjust” To Terrorism

Figliuzzi thinks that even if American are being killed by terrorists from violent nations, we should keep the doors opened.

Figliuzzi (pictured) thinks that even if American are being killed by terrorists from violent nations, we should keep the doors opened.

What if the answer to evil in the world, at least as it pertains to terrorism, was quite easy to find? What if the answer was to simply open the door to everyone who wants to come in and when the bombs go off, just accept them because, after all, we are helping a lot of people (i.e., those not bombing)? When the rapes spike as they have in Sweden, we should just comfort our wives and daughters in the hospital and say, “it is for the good of helping innocent Islamists,” even as the guilty run wild.

This is exactly the monstrous idea put forth by former Assistant Director for Counterintelligence at the FBI C. Frank Figliuzzi, as Breitbart News confirms. He feels that the West needs to “adjust” to terrorism because halting immigration from hellholes is “not who we are.” The fact that we won’t even be alive to be any kind of person if we are blown up for the supposed good of Allah seems lost upon him.

This former official wants to see Americans have to change how they live instead of having their government stop travel from terrorist prone nations.

We know that ISIS has posed as refugees, yet many on the left wish to keep accepting in more threats.

This is some of the worst logic ever openly admitted to in public and it really lets a person into the mind of liberals. Radio legend Michael Savage has once said that the will to survive has been bred out of us, and he may be chillingly correct.

Fifliuzzi admits that citizens in the free world shall suffer, but he finds that acceptable in order to keep the border open!

It is rare that we have someone of such status admitting what liberals have long denied. Sticking to the agenda and the dogma which says that America must accept everyone just to shelter some from evil is all that matters. The climbing rape statistics, a number that goes up in tandem with an influx of Islam? Those are to be ignored.

The fact that Muslims tend to create “no-go zones” in cities where the crescent moon religion grows, as Teddy Stick has reported? Ignore that as well.

This is what Islam has helped to do in regards to rape stats in Sweden.

The honor killings, the acid attacks, the molesting of boys, all of it….just “adjust” to it. As long as a few people are being spared hardship, who cares if the masses are facing increased terrorism, right?

That is what is being said here. Our safety and security are not as important as keeping the doors open.

Thankfully, Figliuzzi said what he knew to be true and admitted what a rotten mindset he shares with so many on the left.

Sources: Breitbart NewsTeddy Stick