Australia Forces Vax

PUBLISHED: 5:17 PM 14 Oct 2021

‘Not Wanting It Is Not An Excuse’: Australia Mandatory Vaccine Or $5000 Fine

So… either take the deadly vaccine that contains some weird carbon-based life form and causes innumerable health problems, or become destitute.

God forbid. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

The people of Australia have been given a final ultimatum (aka ‘solution’)… either take the deadly vaccine or become homeless and destitute.

Conservative Treehouse explained:

If Australia is the totalitarian beta-test for western government (which seems likely), specifically in alignment with Joe Biden, then today’s announcement from Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner portends the direction of the White House.

Chief minister of the Northern Territory Michael Gunner appears to be a man of intemperate disposition.  Describing himself as “intensely passionate” about forcing people to get vaccinated, Gunner announced today that all workers in the NT must be vaccinated by November 13th or face a $5,000 fine.

Good grief, considering this is a politician who presumably is responsible for leading people, this unstable guy projects himself as an angry power-thirsty totalitarian dictator.

The Northern Territory has seen just 214 cases of Coronavirus since the pandemic began in early 2020, and they have encountered zero deaths…. not one.  This over-the-top response is complete madness.

Around the world, an apartheid state has been created where two classes of people have been designated.  The unvaccinated are now routinely barred from indoor or crowded venues, “but the Northern Territory’s rules go further than most democracies”.

The Gateway Pundit added:

Australia – Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner this week announced the strictest vaccine mandate yet for frontline workers: Get the jab by November 13 or lose your job and face a $5,000 fine.

Sky News Australia reported:

Chief Minister Michael Gunner has made it mandatory for all frontline workers to be vaccinated in the Northern Territory.

Workers have until November 13 to get vaccinated, or they will not be able to continue working. They will also risk a fine.

“You must receive the vaccine if in the course of your work you come into contact with vulnerable people, your workplace has a high risk of infection, or you perform maintenance of essential infrastructure or logistics in the territory,” Mr Gunner said.

“Not wanting a vaccine is not a sufficient reason,” Gunner said.

Last month, a former Australian member of Parliament came out and said Pfizer and AstraZeneca are paying lobbyists to direct Australia’s leaders to push vaccine mandates.

Clive Palmer, leader of the United Australia Party, said Pfizer and AstraZeneca were paying lobbyists tens of millions of dollars to direct Australia’s liberal leaders to push the double jab.