“More To Come!”

PUBLISHED: 2:38 PM 7 Jan 2021
UPDATED: 8:55 PM 7 Jan 2021

Not Over? Video From The Past Shows Trump’s Genius, “Orderly Transition” Was Always The Plan

Why are democrats and companies screeching and foaming at the mouth for the removal of President Trump using the 25th… can they not wait a few days for the “orderly transition” or are they terrified of what is coming?

Brilliant. (Source: Newsy YouTube Screenshot)

The media is spewing the planned propaganda that the Trump Presidency is over… but the FACT is that Donald Trump is STILL president of the United States, and what happened yesterday, many argue, was all part of the plan.

Bear with me.

Some things that are being reported include:

Trump is in Texas, he left yesterday before the false flag was carried out.

Lin Wood has yet to be proven wrong in any of his ‘crazy’ posts.

Twitter silenced both Trump and Wood yesterday, right before (during dark of night) the ‘confirmation’ of a fraudulent election was ‘certified.’

Check out this video from the past…

The biggest takeaway I have been hearing for the last 15 hours is that God is still in control.

If you aren’t following Dutch Sheets, take the time now to do so… his daily encouragement is rooted in a strong faith, and that’s what we must all demonstrate at this point.

Here’s his prayer and post for today:

If I were basing my faith on anything other than what I believe God has said, I would have left this fight a long time ago. I certainly do not know how God is going to do this, but I still believe He is. Yes, it will take a miracle, but that is where we have always been in this battle. And since I am warring for our nation’s God-given destiny, which I believe would be seriously hindered under a Biden presidency, giving up is not an option.

Today some credible people made me aware of evidence about to be released which – if true – could be a game-changer. I do not know if this is accurate but I have always believed something completely undeniable would eventually be revealed, blowing the lid off all the corruption. I also believe this information will be so shocking that it will awaken the conscience and passion of the American people. I still believe this will happen. Let’s pray that if the new evidence is credible, that it gets to the right people quickly.

Finally, several prophets have said this chaos and battle will last until close to Inauguration Day. Three have said the unrest would continue until the 17th or 18th of January. Don’t get discouraged. We must not give up but continue to stand and pray. I would love for this to have ended yesterday, but it did not. And do not be distracted by days like today. Stay focused, and keep your faith grounded in what you believe God has said.

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  • Remind yourself that faith is the evidence of things not yet seen.
  • Remember not to place your faith in any one avenue of breakthrough.
  • Keep your focus on why we are in this battle. We are warring for the purposes of God in our nation, not for a man.
  • Ask God to bring an earth-shattering revelation of the corruption that took place.

A prayer you can pray:

Father, it is our joy to partner with You in Your cause of harvest and kingdom advancement. We are so very grateful for what You have given us in this nation. And we know that in the same way Abraham was blessed to be a blessing to all the nations of the earth, America has been blessed for the same reason. We are willing to war for that destiny. We will never allow it to be stolen from this great nation. We have been to Cape Henry to reclaim it, and we believe the well of covenant is now flowing from there into our nation.

Our faith is in You, Father, and what we believe You have said. We are confident You have instructed us to engage in this battle, and we do so. We ask you for breakthrough. We ask You for complete exposure of what took place in this election. We ask for it to be so undeniable that no one doubts it any longer. And we ask for this to happen in a timely fashion so that Joe Biden is not inaugurated before it occurs. We ask You for justice.

We also ask You to remove the dark evil cloud that is in our Capitol; that you would drive out the bats that were shown in the dream. We ask You to bring revival to Washington D.C., including Congress. We ask for it to be so great that You are welcome there once again, and honored in the way You should be honored. We pray for our President, that You would give him a second term. We pray for Vice-President Pence, that he will do what is right. God of miracles, You can do this! We ask You to do so, in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Our faith is in God alone, and He will give us victory.

Amen and amen.

Something that has been running through my mind today is an old hymn we used to sing…

“Onward Christian soldiers, marching as to war. With the cross of Jesus, going on before.”