PUBLISHED: 10:57 PM 11 Nov 2017

“Not A Danger To Society”: Liberals Meltdown Over Sheriff’s 2nd Amendment Video

Sheriff Judd doesn't have a problem speaking his mind.

Sheriff Judd doesn't have a problem speaking his mind.

Sheriff Judd doesn’t have a problem speaking his mind.

Polk County Florida Sheriff Grady Judd has become a somewhat infamous presence on social media by now. Shortly before Hurricane Irma, he warned wanted offenders of what would happen if they showed up at shelters. Now the sheriff is taking on guns and the 2nd Amendment in a new video and liberals are melting down over his statements.

With nearly a million views, Sheriff Judd is reaching a wide audience with his message;

“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.”

This video from the sheriff is a direct response to the terrible tragedy that struck in Texas killing 26. Sheriff Judd recognizes what the left would like to ignore, a law-abiding gun owner stopped this incident from being even worse than it was;

“But all that changed when the neighbor shows up with a gun and starts shooting at him. They exchanged shots. He throws the gun down and runs to his car.”

Sheriff Judd's message on Facebook.

Sheriff Judd’s message on Facebook.

Liberals, naturally, are not pleased with the sheriff. Comments on his video demonstrate that;

“‪Ok, so this Sheriff thinks his officers should have to face people with semi-automatic weapons? Can you say, idiot?”

“This guy needs to go directly to jail or be airlifted to Trump’s Clinic for the mentally deranged.”

“Ok, then, why do we need any cops? The stupid is strong with you.”

The sheriff believes that citizens need to arm themselves. He is among those who think that the answer to criminals with guns is good people with guns. Sheriff Judd says;

“I believe in the Second Amendment. I believe for those who care enough to learn how to carry a firearm safely, use a firearm safely, get your concealed firearm license and be prepared to protect your fellow person.”

Pastor Chapa doesn't want his congregation to become victims.

Pastor Chapa doesn’t want his congregation to become victims.

The sheriff is not alone. Pastor Jamie Chapa at El Faro Bible Church in Sullivan City, TX has made the decision to carry a gun when he preaches. In addition, he has stated that there will be armed people in the congregation. He simply wants his parishioners to be safe and he believes that guns can help ensure that.

Source: Blue Lives Matter