NK Passports Investigated

PUBLISHED: 9:35 PM 1 Mar 2018

North Korean Passports Under Investigation, Fake Names And A Route To Brazil

Sources believe they were part of a plan in case they lost their power of the country.

Officials from North Korea may have used fake passports for travel.

Traveling with fake passports is a serious offense. Many times those trying to move from country to country for less than legal activities rely on stolen identification. This seems to be the case for a set of Brazilian passports recently uncovered tied to the North Korea leader Kim Jong Un as well as his father.

Kim Jong Un and his late father Kim Jong II were found to have faked passports. These passports were issued from the Embassy Of Brazil in Prague. They were dated back to February 26, 1996. It appears they may have obtained the counterfeit documents to create an escape plan should things get bad in North Korea. They used embassies outside of North Korea as a part of this plan.

The passports were good for a total of ten years. The young Kim Jong Un took on the name “Josef Pwag” with a listed birth city of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

At the time of the passport being issued, he was a teen between the ages of 12 and 14.

His birthday is not something that has ever been made public, so his actual age is not known.

According to the passport, Pwag was born on Feb. 1, 1983. This may or may not be his exact date of birth.

Kim Jong II also may have traveled under fake documents. His passport shared that he was “Ijong Tchoi” with a birth date of April 4, 1940. This is only a year off of his actual date of birth.

While the information on the documents is faked, the pictures used are of Kim Jong Un and Kim Jong II. This was confirmed via facial recognition software by Reuters as a part of an investigative report.

After getting two Brazilian passports, the pair took the scam one step further.

They used these passports and fake names to try to get Visas for travel outside of North Korea. Some point to the fact that this was probably done to allow them to travel without detection as they wished.

There is some evidence that points to the fact that this type of travel is not all that unusual for the family. The eldest son of Kim Jong II was arrested with a fake passport.

In May of 2001, Kim Jong Nam was detained at the Tokyo Airport for using a counterfeit passport. At the time he admitted to traveling under a fake name but shared that this was not done to support any sinister activities.

It seems at the time, Kim Jong Nam was trying to take a vacation and wanted to be left alone as he spent time in Tokyo Disneyland. It looks like an unneeded amount of work to merely make a trip to a Disney property.

Kim Jong Nam was well-known for travel issues with counterfeit passports, and it is thought that he was using fake documents to support travel for official purposes.

Kim Jong Nam died in February of 2017. He was exposed to nerve gas that ended his life. This was the banned nerve agent sold under the simple name “VX.”

Even before the set of passports were uncovered, it was rumored that Kim Jong Un traveled all over Japan in the 1990s on a fake passport. At that time he used the name “Joseph Pak” on another faked Brazilian passport.

The use of the fake passports was first reported in mainstream media in 2011. The alter-ego Joseph Pak seemed to make way for Josef Pwag.

When Kim Jong Un traveled to Japan in 1991, he was in the company of a large group that was said to be state officials from North Korea.

They did little to hide the fact that they were traveling with the local government but used fake names nonetheless.

He was also in the company of another child that was assumed to be his brother Kim Jong Chul.

It is interesting that the family used assumed names but did little to hide the fact that they were traveling with a huge entourage.

They seemed almost brazen about the ease with which they broke the law.

This is not the first time the likes of Kim Jong Un used someone else’s name to travel as he pleased.

During the time that he attended boarding school in Bern, Switzerland, he was said to travel under a made up name and cover story. He was supposed to be the son of a local chauffeur.