North Korea Acquires New Missile Technology

PUBLISHED: 5:48 PM 6 Feb 2018

North Korea Uses Embassy To Acquire Technology, Germany Confirms 2 Years Of Activity

They were attempting to purchase for both their ballistic missile program and their nuclear program.

As noted by the head of German Intelligence Hans-Georg Maassen, North Korean operatives recently moved dual-use weapons components through the embassy, in such a clean way that almost no one detected it.

The North Korean situation is now escalating to a whole new level after the negligence of one of the main U.S. allies in Europe allowed the rogue state to do the unthinkable. According to the German spy chief, North Korea has been acquiring parts of its nuclear weapons programs and ballistic missile through its embassy in Berlin.

As reported by The Telegraph, Germany is one of the few countries in the Western world that maintains diplomatic ties to the communist regime. Given this situation, the European nation wanted to exploit that reality to serve as a bridge with Pyongyang. However, far from materializing any real advance, this diplomatic bridge only provided the illegal acquisition of nuclear weapons parts.

Naturally, we’re talking about a very delicate situation that promises to set a turning point in the U.S. relationship with Germany, considering how the Hermit Kingdom represents a massive threat on the geopolitical stage.

As noted by the head of German Intelligence Hans-Georg Maassen, North Koreans operatives recently moved dual-use weapons components through the embassy in such a clean way that almost no one detected it.

The German spy chief pointed out that while several attempts to obtain certain parts for its illegal weapons programs have been foiled by authorities, there have been many other activities that security agencies didn’t notice.

Experts believe these revelations represent serious problems to the administration of Germany Chancellor, Angela Merkel. After all, she’s now facing major issues on different fronts.

On one hand, it is a fact that these revelations will force her administration to order a deep investigation into what really happened in the embassy.  Naturally, the North Koreans’ action represents a threat to Germany’s national security.

On the other hand, almost every political expert agree that the relationship with the United States will get even more damaged after this incident. The reason is that the administration of President Donald Trump previously asked her government to cut every single tie with North Korea, and they refused.

After knowing that the situation with Kim Jong Un wasn’t going to get solved easily, the Trump administration called on Germany to sever ties with the Hermit Kingdom last year.

At that time, Department of State spokeswoman Heather Nauert told German outlet DW that the United States government continues to ask Germany and other nations around the world to recall “those ambassadors.”

In addition, Nauert said that the Trump administration hoped to see the international community “shrink the footprint that North Korea has in any given country.”

While this was a clear message that several countries around the world took seriously and acted properly, Germany decided to ignore it.

While everyone knows that President Trump and Chancellor Merkel don’t get along, it was quite unexpected that she didn’t cut diplomatic relationships with the communist regime.

The Germany spy chief told reporters that authorities noticed that the embassy was extremely useful for North Korea, considering that its agents executed several operations.

After that, he pointed out that in addition to the missile program, several procurement activities that took place from the embassy included operations regarding the nuclear program.

In addition, Maassen said that while the German authorities will stop them when it discovers such things, he claimed it was impossible to guarantee they will spot and block every single attempt.

According to a separate investigation on this delicate matter, German intelligence first detected certain signs that the Hermit Kingdom was attempting to move essential technology and equipment via the local diplomatic office back in 2016.

As everyone knows, the communist regime of Kim Jong Un is facing international sanctions, which were imposed after last year’s test of an intercontinental ballistic missile and a suspected hydrogen bomb.

As the pressure mounts, the rogue regime is exploring different channels to skirt these sanctions and manage to obtain funds and the most important parts for its nuclear and weapons programs.

According to a new report published by the United Nations, this country managed to generate $200 million last year through illegal exports, including weapons exports to Myanmar and even Syria.

This controversial report also called out Russia and China for failing to do their part to properly implement strong sanctions against the communist regime.

Finally, the report pointed out that North Korea continues to export, iron, steel, coal, and other banned commodities.