Peace Summit Jeopardy

PUBLISHED: 3:44 PM 16 May 2018

North Korea Threatens To Cancel Peace Summit

The reasons include John Bolton and current military drills.

The D.P.R.K. has again said that they need nuclear weapons to protect from a U.S. invasion.

As peace unfolds in Asia and North Korea emerges as the star actor on the world stage, a very odd problem has arisen. President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, are at a cross roads, as the Daily Caller has written today.

North Korea’s government says it is considering calling off a planned nuclear summit between” Mr. Trump and the D.P.R.K.’s leader. The latest skirmish, is over “Max Thunder,” the “joint military exercises between the United States and South Korea are actually a ‘rehearsal for invasion’ of the North.” The whole summit could be threatened by the last minute conditions demanded by the tyrannical despot.

Kim Jong-un has again said that North Korea needs nuclear weapons to deter the U.S. Of course, the problem here is that while the despotic regime is certainly heading in the right direction, so far, no talks have happened. Therefore, war games won’t halt until handshakes and contracts happen, a fact that Kim should fully accept.

The United States will also have to undertake careful deliberations about the fate of the planned North Korea-U.S. summit in light of this provocative military ruckus jointly conducted with the South Korean authorities,” said the state-run news outlet, KCNA.

Thankfully, the White House has shown no signs that the meeting for peace between the two countries will not occur, and no moves have been made counter to it. White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders stated, “We are aware of the South Korean media report. The United States will look at what North Korea has said independently, and continue to coordinate closely with our allies.”

Also at hand is the fact that North Korea’s nuclear program seems to have failed and needed to be decommissioned anyhow. Therefore, the concession is not quite the win that it would appear. It may be that North Korea is just looking for funding since their attempts have so far caved in a mountain and buried workers alive in a nuclear hell.

Already, some of the most grotesque birth defects every recorded have been seen near the toxic site.

38 North has said, “Between April 20 and May 7, 2018, the probable engineering office building and a possible instrumentation shed located just outside the North Portal (where the last five underground nuclear tests have been conducted) were razed along with at least two smaller buildings or sheds.”

Confirming this, North Korea’s ambassador to the UN in Geneva Han Tae-song declared, “DPRK will join international desires and efforts for a total ban on nuclear tests,” as he spoke before the Conference on Disarmament.

Regardless of why, if N.K. is forsaking their attempt at a nuclear program, Donald Trump is totally correct in terms of the importance of this development.

It just remains to be seen if both men can keep their dislike for another at bay long enough to look past it. After all, the whole world is watching.