Pastor’s Wife Killed

PUBLISHED: 11:09 PM 12 Mar 2018

North Carolina Home Invasion Takes Pastor’s Wife, Killer On Loose

She was kidnapped and forced to withdraw money.

Pastor's wife killed in home invasion in North Carolina.

Authorities are looking for two masked home intruders after they savagely beat a beloved North Carolina minister and killed his wife in the Lake Gaston area of the state.

On Friday morning, two masked intruders kidnapped the pastor’s wife, Nancy Alford, 76, and took her to an ATM where they forced her to withdraw as much money as possible.

Sources indicate that the other masked intruder stayed with pastor John Alford at the house. Alford is the currently the minister at Sanford Memorial Baptist Church in Brodnax, Virginia.

While she was gone, the masked thug brutally beat her husband and then after the other assailant brought her back to the house, they proceeded to tie them both up inside the home before setting it on fire.

Even though the pastor was able to escape, his wife was not as lucky.

Nancy, who was a Sunday school teacher at the church for almost 20 years, did not survive the attack. Whereas, John was reported to be in stable condition at Duke Univesity after he was airlifted there on Friday night.  As of Sunday, it was reported that the minister is currently being treated for second-degree burns, according to Fox News.

Local news outlets report that the couple lived in the house for over 40 years, and had built a beautiful life together.

One local business owner said he was shocked that something like this could ever happen in their peaceful community. “We’re a small community, and for this to happen in this kind of town is unheard of,” Pete Richardson insisted.

He went on to comment that the couple’s selflessness and argued that they were always willing to offer a helping hand to the community. “They were always willing to help somebody else out versus trying to take care of themselves,” Richardson added. “So, it’s a very, very deep loss for this community and somebody that we will so miss.”

Unfortunately, authorities do not have much evidence to go on. At this point, all they can do is question drivers in the area in an effort to find leads that will result in the arrest of the two murders.

The church members took to social media to mourn their beloved pastor. “Pastor John Alford is a wonderful man, and so sorry for the loss of his wife and the event that led to their nightmare… May the Lord give him healing and comfort at this time,” one churchgoer posted on social media.

The neighbors are furious over the incident and claim they no longer feel safe in the community. In fact, one Lake Gaston resident, Joyce Humphreys, told reporters: “You can’t even have a home or property without someone coming in and destroying it or setting it on fire or killing you.”

Humphreys is correct. It completely uncomforting to know that people are not even safe from this time of evil in their own homes. These two upstanding members of the community did nothing but help others and they did not deserve their terrible fate.

While Nancy is resting with her heavenly father, John still has a little more work to do on earth before he is called up. Hopefully, this experience will make their church, community, and their determination to the work of Christ stronger.

The masked assailants managed to get away with the couple’s car, a grey Mercedes. Authorities have been looking for the car since Friday, but have thus far been unsuccessful in locating the vehicle.

Meanwhile, the Lake Gaston community has lost two of their most beloved members and they are demanding answers.

But all the democrats want to do is take away law-abiding citizen’s guns. Perhaps if this couple was armed, the situation could have turned out differently and these two wonderful people could have been spared from this senseless act of violence.

Alas, we will never know. But with this kind of evil running around in the world, we certainly don’t want the bad guys to be the only one with guns. However, if it was left up to the democrats, that is exactly what would happen.

In fact, they would likely make it mandatory for everyone to put those red lights on their front porch, informing every single criminal that their home is a gun-free zone. They might as well just put a sign in the front yard saying, “come rob me!”

This is everything that is wrong with the liberal logic.

The investigators are looking for any clues in the ashes of the home to help lead them to their killers.  At this point, authorities do not have much to go on. But one thing is certain: there are two killers on the loose and they are extremely dangerous.