Gun Ban Passes

PUBLISHED: 6:03 PM 17 May 2018

Non-Profit Group Plans To Sue Each Council Member After Massive Gun Ban Passed

Cody Wisniewski, legal counsel for the group, said that individual councilmembers would be named in the lawsuit.

After the city of Boulder passed an assault weapons ban, a non-profit gun rights group threatened to sue each council members. Hopefully, this suit can restore the right to keep and bear arms for the city's citizens.

Since the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, gun control activists throughout the country have pushed their agenda with renewed vigor. While most states and cities have ignored their demands, some have folded like cheap lawn chairs.

Boulder, Colorado is one such city. Just weeks ago, its city council proposed extremely strict new ‘assault rifle’ laws. This week, it unanimously passed them through the Boulder City Council. Thankfully, a Second Amendment activist group plans to sue each council member for infringing on citizens’ rights. The city council truly called down a reckoning upon themselves by passing legislation that violated three separate constitutional amendments, as well as the state of Colorado’s constitution.

The aptly-nicknamed ‘People’s Republic of Boulder’ passed a gun control bill that outright banned the use, ownership, and sale of ‘bump-fire’ stocks and other basic firearms.

For anyone who owns a semi-automatic rifle with a detachable box magazine, commonly mislabeled as an ‘assault rifle,’ the bill is far worse.

Anyone who legally owned such a rifle before June 15, can keep it. However, they will only have until December 31, 2018 to properly register it with the city.

That means taking the rifle to the local police station, passing another background check, obtaining a certificate from the Boulder Police Department, and finding what the police define as a ‘safe place’ to store the weapon.

What qualifies as a ‘safe place’ to the BPD? At this point, even they aren’t sure, but the law is vague enough that it could even require purchasing an expensive safe and bolting it to the floor to satisfy the city’s demands.

The owners of these ‘grandfathered’ weapons will not be able to take their rifles anywhere except private property and gun shops, and will have to report if the weapon is stolen within 48 hours.

Even if Boulder residents find somewhere to shoot their AR-15s and M1As and various other semi-automatic rifles, they will have to do so with magazines that hold no more than 10 rounds. ‘High-capacity’ magazines are outright banned in the legislation, and there is no stipulation that ‘grandfathers’ them in.

Anyone who doesn’t want to register their firearms with the city will have to either remove them from the city, render them inoperable, or hand them over to the local police for destruction.

Owning one of the banned weapons will be a misdemeanor.

In response to this atrocious law, which also bans semi-automatic shotguns that contain more than six rounds as ‘assault weapons,’ a nonprofit organization has stepped forward to defend gun rights in Boulder. The Mountain States Legal Foundation promised to sue the city for “violations of the Second, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendments,” and for violating the state constitution.

An attorney for the non-profit organization, Cody Wisniewski, said that the lawsuit would also name each individual member of the city council.

Some members of the council saw this coming, even though they ALL voted to pass the legislation. Councilwoman Mirabai Nagle, who voted for the law, previously said that she believed they would see a lot of litigation over their desire to suppress the right of Boulder citizens to keep and bear arms.

The council, after passing the law, stated that they may consider further amendments, like raising the age to purchase a firearm, at a later date, suggesting that they are not done restricting firearm rights.

Boulder, Colorado is one of the most left-leaning cities in the state. Although the citizens of the city put up a brave struggle against the city’s ‘assault weapons ban,’ the city’s elected officials, all members of the Democrat Party, didn’t care to listen to their pleas.

What can residents do if they don’t want to give up their firearms but also don’t want their weapons registered with the city, in case the city council decides it’s time to take ALL ‘assault rifles’ from their owners?

They can move, of course, though this is obviously impractical for most people.

They can do what many who live in anti-gun rights cities in Illinois do, and urge a neighboring city to become a ‘sanctuary’ city for the right to keep and bear arms. It’s sad that a basic liberty of free men, laid out in the Bill of Rights, would need sanctuary, but if the firearm is not within Boulder city limits, they have no legal jurisdiction over it.

Perhaps some enterprising individual might even open a rifle and pistol range right outside the city limits, and rent secure storage space to individuals who want to enjoy modern rifles without the fascist city council breathing down their neck.

But for now, the council of Boulder, Colorado, a city with almost 100,000 citizens, has decided that its citizens cannot be trusted with standard-capacity magazines and modern rifles.

Of course, the ‘assault weapons’ ban included a stipulation ensuring that law enforcement officers and military members would be able to purchase the banned rifles. Government agents can’t be expected to follow the same rules as the serfs, after all… at least not in a properly socialist city.

Other cities and states that have instituted similar laws, such as New York, have found that the vast majority of otherwise law-abiding gun owners refused to cooperate with their registration demands. Likely, Boulder will learn that same lesson.

Cities like Boulder and states like Minnesota and Ohio should serve as an example to the rest of the United States. Leftists, when given the opportunity, WILL go out of their way to infringe on Second Amendment rights, and it won’t be long before the Hitler type confiscation begins.