Tracing Subpoenas Issued

PUBLISHED: 1:37 PM 2 Jul 2020
UPDATED: 7:40 PM 2 Jul 2020

No Right To Remain Silent: New York Issues Subpoenas Against Those Who Refuse “Tracing”

New York has gone full Stasi… you no longer have the right to refuse government intrusion in your life.

You no longer have the right to refuse government tracking of your movements in New York. (Source: NBC News YouTube Screenshot)

In New York, if you don’t want to answer the government’s questions… you will go to court. The right to remain silent has been eliminated under the guise of public health.

Conservative Treehouse reported:

Comrades, the ministry of COVID compliance in New York has now been given permission to issue subpoenas requiring the general public to comply with COVID compliance contact tracers.  Any New Yorker who refuses to answer the interrogation questions by the COVID compliance police is now subject to arrest.

You do not have the right to remain silent, and everything you say will be guaranteed to be used against you as the state takes control over your life.

The process of “Contact Tracing” permits the state authority to identify the travel, contacts and associated risks presented by anyone who tests positive for the COVID-19 virus.

A positive test now results in a new class of citizen, considered of such a significant risk that their constitutional rights are suspended.  

Thus, it is in the interest of state security for the state to have legal authority to compel compliance with questioning.

Additionally, if a parent tests positive, it may become necessary for the state to control that person’s activity; which may include the removal of any children into the care of the state; saving the minor child from the risk their parent(s) represent.

There is a myriad of new roles and responsibilities for the state in the life of a person who tests positive.

NEW YORK – Officials in New York’s Rockland County said Wednesday they are being forced to issue subpoenas to compel people to speak to contact tracers about a coronavirus outbreak because they are not speaking voluntarily.

The country’s health commissioner, Patricia Rupert, said at a news conference that subpoenas are being issued to eight people who were infected at a recent party in Clarkstown, N.Y., north of New York City, but who are refusing to cooperate with contact tracers seeking to interview them to determine who else they were in contact with and could be at risk of spreading the virus.

The drastic step of issuing subpoenas in a contact-tracing investigation illustrates a problem officials have cited around the country, that many people are not answering their phones or cooperating when contact tracers try to talk to them.

Public health officials say contact tracing is a key step in slowing the spread of the coronavirus. The process interviews infected people about who they have been in contact with so that those people can be notified and asked to quarantine for 14 days to prevent further spread of the virus. (read more)

Big Tech is working to facilitate the effort of the State, and will assist the COVID compliance police with identifying your travel.  If you resist the efforts of the tracers to identify your location; and/or if you resist the effort of the state to place you into a quarantine facility; you will likely be identified as a subversive citizen, an “enemy of the state.”

We might anticipate to see an underground railroad for those attempting to avoid capture.  This is all becoming very disconcerting….  Where does it end?

We know where it ends… in a state like East Germany, controlled by the whims of a dictatorial and corrupt system of masters.