Driver Never Stopped

PUBLISHED: 4:11 PM 24 Apr 2019

No Motive? 8 People Injured After Driver Uses Car In Attack

It seems likely to anyone with a brain that the motive is clear: kill as many innocent noncombatants as possible.

No information about the 'driver' has been released.

In what appears to be a carefully constructed media line, a ‘driver’ who has not been described by any media outlet, plowed a vehicle into children and other pedestrians this morning.

The ‘motorist’ never slowed down, never swerved, and never stopped.

But, according to officials, there is ‘no word’ on the victims’ condition or the motive for the attack. Likewise, the driver has not been identified in any way… Male? Female? Race?… nothing.

To most people, who have the ability to think logically, this seems absurd.

The driver was taken into custody, so why can’t anyone know anything about him… like his name or citizenship status?

If the ‘driver’ was a white supremacist would this be the case?

Since the incident occurred in California, was the ‘motorist’ even legally allowed to be in the country?

The Sacramento Bee reported:

The Bay Area city’s Department of Public Safety says a 13-year-old boy and seven others were taken to the hospital Tuesday evening after the crash near a shopping center in Sunnyvale, more than an hour south of San Francisco.

Witnesses say the man apparently made no effort to stop before hitting the pedestrians, reported KGO-TV .

Police Captain Jim Choi told the San Francisco Chronicle that the collision appears to have been deliberate.

“Some of the statements (from witnesses) show that the driver did not try to avoid the pedestrians at the cross walk, and there was no attempt to swerve, drive away or break,” he said.

Choi said people on the sidewalk as well as those crossing the street were hit. He said it appears the pedestrians had the walk signal when they started crossing the intersection.

The fact that authorities are not releasing any other information tells its own tale.

It’s obvious that the person who tried to kill innocent pedestrians is either an illegal criminal or one of the ‘faithful’ carrying out the caliphate as long as it doesn’t involve fighting real men—just targeting women and children.

Watch the ‘report’ below: