Alien Murderer

PUBLISHED: 4:12 PM 4 Apr 2019

No Crisis? Jogger Assaulted, Murdered In Park By Honduras Illegal Alien Twice Deported

The physical assault was brutal and sick, but democrats still claim there’s no border crisis.

This illegal alien from Honduras brutally assaulted and strangled a jogger in the sanctuary state of New Jersey.

The man who has been charged in the brutal rape and slaying of a jogger in Jersey City’s Lincoln Park was from Honduras—looking for a better life according to democrats—and had been deported twice before, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials.

New Jersey is a sanctuary state that protects vile criminals from federal authorities. reported:

Jorge Rios, who was identified by ICE officials as Jorge Alberto Rios-Doblado, is from Honduras and “has been removed from the country on two prior occasions, in 2003 and 2004,” according to ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operation (ICE-ERO) in Newark.

ICE officials also said Rios initially entered the country illegally.

ICE-ERO said that it has placed a detainer on Rios following his arrest on Sunday on charges the 33-year-old kidnapped, raped and murdered Carolina Cano, 45, of Gautier Avenue in Jersey City, on March 24. The nanny’s body was found in the lake near the Casino in the Park building that day.

The ICE-ERO spokesman said “ICE maintains that cooperation by local law enforcement is an indispensable component of promoting public safety. ICE will seek taking custody of Rios at the conclusion of his criminal proceedings, despite limited cooperation in the state.”

If Rios is convicted of the charges against him, he will have to serve his prison term first before a possible third deportation. The charge of murder carries a possible sentence of 30 years to life in prison upon conviction.

Rios, formerly of Belmont Avenue in Jersey City, was arrested in a Jersey City restaurant on Sunday and is being housed at the Hudson County jail in Kearny. The state has filed a motion to detain him through the course of his prosecution.

Following Cano’s death, Jersey City Police Department Emergency Services Unit divers have returned to the lake at least twice to scour it for further evidence. Divers were most recently in the water on Monday.

Meanwhile, a resident of the Belmont Avenue apartment where Rios had lived said he often appeared to be intoxicated.

A spokesman for ICE-ERO would say only that Rios was previously removed from the United States due to immigration violations. At a meeting with residents Tuesday night, Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez said Rios has no previous criminal record.

No previous ‘criminal’ record other than the fact that he broke federal law and was deported twice!

Many people are sick and tired of hearing that these illegal aliens have ‘no criminal record.’ The fact that they are here illegally is a criminal offense!

New Jersey is complicit in this woman’s death for protecting this scum bag.

And, this isn’t the first time Jersey City’s sanctuary policy has helped illegals commit crimes. Food stamp fraud was just another of the scams perpetrated by people seeking a ‘better life,’ according to democrats.