Bulls Loose In Cities

PUBLISHED: 12:24 AM 15 Feb 2018

No Bull, Two Rampaging Animals Loose In Two Cities On Same Day

Las Vegas, NV and Burley, Idaho were victims of bull rampages today.

Bulls were ready for attention over the last 24 hours in two different states.

As of late, we have covered everything from rampaging tigers in Paris to snakes that “lovingly” kill their owners. This has led many readers to wonder if all of the animal kingdom is starting to go mad and today’s news shows that there seems to be a good reason to wonder (no bull).

Two different mishaps in separate states had many people watching the folly as bulls were parading like rock stars. To begin with, Yahoo News confirms that a Black Angus put Burley High School in Idaho on lockdown after it cleverly “escaped an auction yard and stormed past the campus.

The enraged animal, often used for steaks, is said to have toppled signs and charged at people before arriving at the school. Sheriff Jay Heward tells us that the bull was not able to be captured and was killed for the safety of the public.

No gunshots were fired on the school grounds and, unlike the tiger in France, this animal was likely going to meet his end anyhow, so while a bit premature, the need to shoot was not a travesty.

Still, the Cassia County Sheriff’s Office contacted school officials and for fifteen minutes, lockdown status was achieved while cops followed the bull. Students had been dismissed for lunch yet teachers were able to secure the school due to ample training.

The second incident was Las Vegas, Nevada, where the beast was causing concern as it rampaged and “was captured Wednesday morning after it got loose in a Las Vegas neighborhood,” Fox News Las Vegas reports.  The network adds that the “rogue animal came in about 3 a.m. near Vegas and Rancho drives.

Police worked in tandem with animal control in order to arrest the offending animal. As if in a movie, a real cowboy on a horse “arrived and helped them place the animal in a trailer around 7 a.m. local time.” It was such a Hollywood/Old West ending that it all but defies reality, but it actually happened.

The bull is safely in the trailer. Huge thanks to our #lvanimalcontrol team…he had been on the loose this morning near MLK/Washington,” read the cities Twitter account once the ordeal was over. The angry bull even got a medical examination before it was held “temporarily at Horseman’s Park.

No one knows how the bull got loose but the “city will return the bull to the owner or have it rehoused.”

Thankfully, this second animal did not need to be put down and was captured.

(No word on if the bull has been “charged.”) 

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