Police Chief Suspended

PUBLISHED: 8:09 PM 3 Oct 2018

NJ Police Chief Suspended After Remarks About Republican Councilwoman Revealed

He was reportedly suspended by the mayor shortly after an audio recording of his comments were played during a council meeting.

Michael Cioffi, who’s the police chief of Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, was suspended by the city’s mayor, Mario M. Kranjac, after his rant against republican Councilwoman Carrol McMorrow was caught on tape (pictured above).

Just recently, the police chief of Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey was suspended by the city’s mayor after his rant against a republican councilwoman was caught on tape. Apparently, he called her a “b****” and claimed, quite stunningly, “I’d like to kill her, but can’t.”

Specifically, Englewood Cliffs Mayor Mario M. Kranjac (R) signed an order several days ago placing Englewood Cliffs Police Chief Michael Cioffi on leave after an audio recording was played during a council meeting in which Chief Cioffi made vile comments against Council President Carrol McMorrow (R).  

For example, during one point in the audio recording, which reportedly emerged in the process of a lawsuit and was later leaked online, the police chief stated, “I’d like to kill her but I can’t.”

At another point, he said, “she is one hell of a b****, let me tell ya.”

Unsurprisingly, upon hearing Cioffi’s comments, Kranjac decided to suspend him pending the results of the administrative charges against the police chief.

“Such conduct is abhorrent to our social norms and violated their oaths of office,” the mayor asserted while speaking to reporters. “There is no place for such hatred in Englewood Cliffs,” he noted.

Shockingly, in a statement about the matter, the mayor mentioned that after ordering the suspension of Cioffi, the police chief had allegedly refused to comply.  

“After a few days of trying to serve the order on the chief, it was served yesterday,” explained Mayor Kranjac, who has also reportedly been pushing to publicize other recordings that purportedly include even more reprehensible comments made by the police chief and several officers.

“The chief refused compliance with the order and I left it to the officer in charge, borough administrator and borough counsel to enforce the order,” he added.  

Although Kranjac did what many would agree was the most sensible thing to do, countless democrats in the city immediately pushed back against his suspension order on the grounds that he lacked the authority to put the police chief on leave.

While speaking to reporters, Cioffi’s lawyer, James Patuto, claimed that the recordings were actually made by the police chief himself in an attempt to protect himself from what he believed to be unfair accusations from the mayor.  

“The chief has been harassed for the last two years by the mayor and council president,” clarified Patuto.

When pressed, Patuto stated that the chief was supposedly joking around and trying to raise the low morale of his officers when he made the controversial comments as if that makes his comments any less vile.  

“There was some joking going on between a lot of people in city hall just to break the tension,” insisted the police chief’s attorney.

Following Cioffi’s suspension, three democratic city council members voted against an attempt to hire a hearing officer and potentially bring disciplinary charges against the chief.

Shortly after, McMorrow, quite understandably, issued a response utterly condemning their actions. She also accused them of trying to cover up misconduct.   

Specifically, she said, “I am extremely disappointed the three Democratic council members would vote no to allow due process to occur and to allow the truth to come out. But then again, I know what’s on those tapes and I believe that’s what they’re trying to hide.”

In an email, she added, “the reason the Democrats don’t want to hire a hearing officer is because they don’t want these tapes released. By refusing to appoint a hearing officer, these councilpersons have sent a clear message to everyone that they are willing to support a vile…man who threatens women so long as he is a Democrat.”

Sadly, the Cioffi is far from the only person to direct hateful comments at conservatives.

For example, earlier this month, an AP biology teacher at a high school in Texas, who has yet to be identified, was recently removed from her classroom and assigned to other duties after a conservative student accused her of harassment.

According to reports, the student’s teacher allegedly attempted to mock his beliefs by asking him questions like “hey, Trumpy, do you have an answer to this?” or “what do you think, Trumpy?”

At another point, she purportedly asked him, “now, you’re not going to fight me when we start talking about evolution, are you?”

Several days prior to that, Jerry Brown (D), the governor of California, mentioned during an interview that “something” needs to happen to President Donald Trump on the grounds that he could possibly undermine the entire world.

A few days before that, the editors of the Washington Post, a well-known anti-Trump news outlet, posted an op-ed suggesting that President Trump is somehow “complicit” for the destruction caused by hurricanes and other natural disasters due to that fact that he’s refused to support any leftist regulations that would undermine our economy and mentioned that he has some skepticism about some specific aspects of climate change.  

Prior to that, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) viciously attacked Trump while talking at a California event sponsored by the Stonewall Young Democrats, which is a national youth-based group that’s reportedly focused on promoting LGBTQ rights,

Alarmingly, Rep. Waters also seemed to revel in making Trump supporters feel unsafe, which may be part of the reason why the Texas high school science teacher decided to openly harass one of her students.

And before that, Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-FL), who used to be a federal judge before being impeached for engaging in perjury and being corrupt, joked about how someone saving Trump from drowning would be a “catastrophe.”

Moreover, even the former president of the United States, Barack Obama, bashed President Trump. Specifically, while giving a talk in South Africa, he suggested that Trump regularly makes things up and criticized leaders like him who do so. He also implied that Trump could potentially undo democracy, which many recognized as utterly absurd.