PUBLISHED: 4:33 PM 29 Nov 2017
UPDATED: 4:41 PM 29 Nov 2017

NFL Receives Help From Liberal Media, But Attempts Backfire As “Facts” Destroyed

Kneeling and dishonor is costing the N.F.L. dearly, no matter how the MSM tries to spin it.

Kneeling and dishonor are costing the N.F.L. dearly, no matter how the MSM tries to spin it.

Recently, an article was given to the Conservative Daily Post from a reader who took issue with the facts about the NFL’s ratings, and how they relate to President Donald Trump. If there was any doubt whatsoever about the bias against President Donald Trump that permeates the mainstream media, MSN News has just published a piece by NBC that proves it beyond all reason. In an effort to try and show that the president is wrong concerning the crashing stats of the NFL, they manage to use the most untrustworthy source that could be found, which is also the NFL.

That is correct, NBC wrote that the “league told NBC News that attendance is down just 1 percent from last year, which NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy noted was a ‘stellar’ year and the third highest in NFL history.” So, as Nielson and every rating agency worth quoting shows that the league is dying, NBC ignores these facts and quotes the league that is trying to save face as their “facts” are destroyed!

Nevermind those virtually empty bleachers or the 58 million lost over Thanksgiving, either.

NBC also tries to split hairs about Trump’s recent tweet which accurately said, “At least 24 players kneeling this weekend at NFL stadiums that are now having a very hard time filling up. The American public is fed up with the disrespect the NFL is paying to our Country, our Flag and our National Anthem. Weak and out of control!

NBC points out that some of the players did not actually kneel as they protested in other ways. This is not even reporting, but splitting hairs. With 140 characters allowed per tweet, it is very clear that “kneeling” meant any protest similar to kneeling. It is the disrespect of doing anything but standing in reverence that is being condemned rightly by the Commander in Chief. In this regard the MSM was correct, but this was really stretching it.

The National Football League says that “98 percent of available tickets to all NFL games have been sold, with ticket sales down 2 percent over last year” and that about 1% of those woes are stemming from Los Angeles. What the league is failing to confess (and both MSN and NBC failed to convey due to their bias) is that many of those tickets were bought before the season began.

Some have since been burned and fans are not showing up, angered by the dishonor that has happened since.

NBC, no matter how they try, can not hide these empty seats from view as kneeling takes a toll on the NFL.

NBC then trips over themselves to say that the 7% dive in ratings from last year is not a big deal since other sports have suffered a dip in views, and the “Walking Dead” is limping along with fewer views than in past years, according to data compiles from Deadline.


For one thing, the NFL lost 17% of the viewers that they had in just one week through “Monday Night Football.” Secondly, a sport is not comparable to a television series that is, by its very nature, going to taper off a bit as time goes on. This is smoke and mirrors reporting at its very finest.

From there, it is claimed that “57 percent of Americans disagreed with Trump’s view that players should be fired for protesting, while 68 percent of Americans felt that Trump’s comments were inappropriate.” This is more cloudly reasoning because other polls, such as reported in New Jersey, that says “according to a poll conducted by the Remington Research Group on Sept. 25, 64 percent of 1,633 responders believe players should stand and be respectful during the anthem.” No mention of that fact in the NBC piece. Nope.

Also, it is not a majority of Americans that matter to the NFL. Plus or minus a few numbers, on any given year, only 1/3 of the population follows sports very closely, if at all. From there, while most of those who do like sports follow football at least casually, not all of that 1/3 are fans of the sport.

Does this look like meager the 1% dip that the N.F.L. claims?

Those that tend to be the biggest supporters of the game are a group of people who, by their demographic, are VERY MUCH against the kneeling. These are the people that matter to the NFL and that is what is killing them.

It is amazing to see how the media is trying everything….anything….to paint Trump in a bad light. However, when even basic skills are used while reading their screed, it is easy to find the truth.

That is, for those that wish to hear it.

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