PUBLISHED: 4:50 PM 11 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 6:29 PM 11 Dec 2017

WATCH: NFL Kneelers SLAMMED As College Football Game’s Anthem Song Goes VIRAL

This is how it is supposed to be done!

This is how it is supposed to be done!

Many fans have boycotted the NFL over the dishonor that has been seen during the playing of the National Anthem. College football is not about to make the same mistake that the the NFL has made. While the National Football League is busy disgracing themselves in the name of a movement devoid of any facts, the Army-Navy game showed everyone how it should be done.

The Daily Caller reminds us that this legendary football rivalry has met every year, as they did this past Saturday, for 118 years. Due to so many fans and veterans being in attendance, these match ups are often held in professional NFL stadiums in order to be able to hold everyone. It is reported that “the choirs of the Annapolis and West Point academies joined together” to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner,” and they reminded everyone in the world just what honor looks like, something that N.F.L. has forgotten.

There was no kneeling, not even a hint of it. As the snow cascaded down unforgivingly, the passion was heard by everyone watching. The National Anthem was sung with a reverence and majesty that was needed in our time of disrespect and false causes posing as movements.

Seen are white men and black men, not bickering about skin tone, but standing in unity and grace as the words of the compelling lyrics were belted out with reverence. This is what the fans have wanted to see from the NFL, but instead, only the opposite has been witnessed as more and more fans quit showing up.

Other than the film crews who had a job to do (and are thus forgiven), no one is moving or showing any signs other than that of admiration. Even the beer salesmen are singing!

The white-topped hats that many in the military adorn are so clean that they all but shine in the nighttime snow.

Also, unlike the cemetery-like scenes coming out of largely empty NFL stadiums, the video shows that there are people in virtually every seat available. This matters since the professional league claim that empty seats for the anthem are common during games. Clearly, as this video shows, that is not the case.

Soldiers are seen with looks of utter determination chiseled onto their faces. They are all but unblinking as the sincerity points from they eyes in an almost tangible way.

The cheering and praise that comes as the song concludes shows us that this was no normal recitation of the National Anthem, but rather, something that fans have been longing for all season long.

Source: The Daily CallerThe Conservative Daily Post