PUBLISHED: 7:40 PM 29 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 7:57 PM 29 Dec 2017

NFL Destroys Their Image Further With War On Christmas, Kneeling Still Acceptable

Daring to show a bit of Christmas cheer got Alvin Kamara (pictured) fined by the N.F.L.

Daring to show a bit of Christmas cheer got Alvin Kamara (pictured) fined by the N.F.L.

The N.F.L. is full of very strange people with misaligned issues. Some of the players, many of whom are black, suggest that white people do not support their progress while the stands are (were) full of white people wearing gear that they paid exuberant sums of money for featuring the names of black players in bold letters. Meanwhile, the league’s leaders do nothing as hideous displays of kneeling are seen when the national anthem plays.

The Gateway Pundit has observed that the war on Christmas has hit the N.F.L as the Scrooge-like league “fined running back Alvin Kamara for wearing red Santa Christmas cleats this week.” They also observe that players have begun stretching during the “Star Spangled Banner,” another foul display that is not looked down upon or costing the offending player(s) anything.

Patheos writes, “NFL running back Alvin Kamara is being fined for wearing a pair of Christmas cleats. War on Christmas much, Roger Goodell?

They also remind us that Kamara ran “for 32 yards on 12 carries shared an image of his fine letter with Twitter followers.”

The idea behind uniformity in the N.F.L. makes for a good presentation, this is true. However, the fact that such normalcy is disobeyed at Christmas, within reason of course, is what it makes it perfectly appropriate!

Also, the N.F.L. has broken with the rule before, often by having players wear the color pink in honor of breast cancer research. If such a good cause can be a reason to break with uniform standards, why can the birth of the savior of mankind not also be reason for such a departure?

Ah, but there is the reason itself, isn’t it?

It is more about putting “foolish” Christians in their place. After all, it is in large part those very same Christians who are boycotting the games to such a massive degree on both TV and in person that their ratings charts resemble a graph of the Hindenburg’s last flight.

Fines for kneeling or stretching during the national anthem? No. Fines for wearing silly, celebratory shoes (pictured) on Christmas? Yes.

The more that the league’s leader, Roger Goodell, and others keep badgering and chastising those that respect the Bible, the more that they will find they are out of touch with very large portions of the American population. These are the people who are (were) willing to pay such high amounts of money to show fan glee by buying hats, coats, and other overpriced items.

As it stands, this just gives everyone one more reason to tune out.

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