Black National Anthem?

PUBLISHED: 5:08 PM 3 Jul 2020

NFL Announces “Black National Anthem” Will Play Before Star Spangled Banner

Wait… many people have never heard that there was a separate ‘national anthem’ for a racial group, and a number of twitter users blasted the racist decision.

This is wrong on so many levels. (Source: Guardian Sports YouTube Screenshot)

Apparently, although American is supposed to be a ‘melting pot,’ that joins diverse groups of people under a Republic banner, which provides the same rights and liberties to all, that’s not the case for “woke” black activists. There’s apparently a separate ‘Black National Anthem.”

And, the National Football League will be playing it before the Star Spangled Banner for every game this year.

Breitbart News reported:

The NFL reportedly plans to play a song titled, Lift Ev’ry Voice And Sing, also known as the Black National Anthem, prior to every season opening game this year.

The song, according to a source to ESPN, will be played prior to the Star-Spangled-Banner.

According to ESPN:

Early last month, commissioner Roger Goodell in a video admitted that the league had erred in how it handled peaceful NFL player protests of police brutality and systemic oppression. Goodell condemned racism and affirmed that Black lives matter, pledging his allegiance to the players in the battle for equal justice under the law.

Also in June, the league revealed plans to increase its social justice footprint by pledging to donate $250 million over a 10-year period.

The league hopes its efforts demonstrate ‘a genuine commitment to the public, players and coaches and that player voices continue to be heard,’ the source wrote in a text message. ‘This is key to educating fans, and becoming a prominent voice in the fight to end racism.’

The NFL is also reportedly considering other social justice measures, such as listing the names of victims of alleged police brutality on team uniforms.

Many people argue that the move does exactly the OPPOSITE. A separate national anthem promotes racism, by drawing distinction based on race. The message is not of unity… it is division.

The move, many others argue, is simply another nail in the coffin of a dying sport.