Newsom Bans All

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 14 Jul 2020
UPDATED: 5:18 PM 14 Jul 2020

Newsom Goes Full Totalitarian: Indoor Activities Banned, Schools Won’t Open In Fall

This is way out of hand, many people argue, and should have never been allowed to come to this point, given that the virus, by scientific proof, is waning in fatalities.

Science does not support this. (Source: PBS News Hour YouTube Screenshot)

Although scientific studies have shown that COVID fatality rates are dropping at an amazing rate and a number of actual “cures” have been discovered for the Chinese virus, Gavin Newsom isn’t allowing those sorts of facts to get in the way of his totalitarian rule of California.

Newsom has arbitrarily decided that indoor activities in 30 counties must be stopped… including churches, gyms, and bars…except for his winery, of course.

Additionally, both Los Angeles and San Diego have decided that schools will not reopen in the fall, and instead, ‘distance learning’ will be established.

Exactly how that will happen is anyone guess.

Breitbart News reported:

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) on Monday ordered the shut down of bars and indoor dining statewide and directed churches, gyms, and hair salons to close in 30 counties as the state experiences a rise in Chinese coronavirus cases.

“We’ve made this point on multiple occasions and that is we’re moving back into a modification mode of our original stay-at-home order,” Newsom said in a press conference. “This continues to be a deadly disease.”

[That is an exaggeration, many experts argue.]

JUST IN: CA Gov. Gavin Newsom orders California to shut down indoor activities, all bar operations

— The Hill (@thehill) July 13, 2020

The order follows the governor directing such businesses to halt operations in counties on the state’s “monitoring list.” 31 counties are on the monitoring list, totaling approximately 80 percent of its population.

On Sunday, California reported 8,358 additional coronavirus cases and a 28 percent increase in hospitalizations in the past 14 days. The state has a total of 320,000 cases and over 7,000 fatalities.

[So they say. Many people remember that the federal government hands out more money for more cases… and California was on the brink of financial disaster before the ‘crisis.’]

Ahead of 4th of July weekend, Newsom directed multiple counties to shut down bars and indoor operations at restaurants and family entertainment businesses, including bowling alleys.

The development comes after California’s two largest school districts — Los Angeles and San Diego — announced that students will not return to the classroom when the fall semester begins in August.

The districts said in a joint statement Monday they will start the school year with online instruction only, but will plan for in-person learning as health conditions allow.

Los Angeles Unified, the nation’s second-largest district with about 730,000 students, begins instruction on Aug. 18.

San Diego Unified, which serves approximately 135,000 students, is set to start on Aug. 31.

The districts cited research and information about school safety experiences from around the world as well as state and local health guidance.

KTLA Reported:

“While the new school year will begin in August, it will not start with students at school
facilities,” Beutner said. “The health and safety of all in the school community is not something we can compromise. The news about the spread of the virus continues to be of great concern.”

The superintendent said the five-month school closure has been the longest in recent history for the nation’s second-largest public school system, but the risk of widespread transmission is too great, especially since asymptomatic people can spread the virus.

“A 10-year-old student might have a 30-year-old teacher, a 50-year-old bus driver or live with a 70-year-old grandmother. All need to be protected,” Beutner said. “There’s a public health imperative to keep schools from becoming a petri dish.”

Students will continue their learning online, and schools will add one-on-one tutoring on Saturdays and after school, according to Beutner.

The announcement comes after Los Angeles County’s health director Barbara Ferrer told district superintendents to have plans in place to continue distance learning for “100% of the time” as the county’s coronavirus numbers spiked.

She said in a news conference last week that campuses wouldn’t be opening their doors to students unless they’re sure they can avoid an “explosion of outbreaks.”

[Really? That sounds like a complete closure to most people, paving the way for forced vaccinations… or a ploy for more federal funding in a state that has nearly bankrupted itself with leftist policies.]

Weekly coronavirus testing and contact tracing will help protect students and staff, but that would cost $300 per student and more funding is needed from the federal government, Beutner said.


“The cost of testing all at schools, maybe $15 billion, will help make it safer for all 50 million students and their teachers in public schools across the country,” he said. “But this is about something that can’t be measured in dollars and cents; it’s about creating opportunity for children.”

President Donald Trump has been calling for campuses to reopen, and he threatened to hold back federal funds if school districts don’t bring their students back in the fall.

Gov. Gavin Newsom last week said the decision on reopening California’s schools will be made by local officials with understanding of the pandemic in their jurisdictions.

Just the News reported:

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday announced school reopening guidance for his state.

We all want schools to open but it has to be safe. In NY we will decide based on the data.Schools will reopen if a region is in Phase 4 & daily infection rate remains below 5% (14-day avg).Schools close if regional infection rate is greater than 9% (7-day avg) after August 1.— Andrew Cuomo (@NYGovCuomo) July 13, 2020

New York City last week announced plans to have students return to the classroom, but only on some weekdays. The students would engage in remote learning on the remaining days. A press release said that the plans would be contingent on whether “the city continues to meet all necessary COVID-19 public health thresholds.” Parents who want to have their children exclusively engage in remote learning will have that option, according to the notice.

According to Johns Hopkins University, there have been more than 3.35 million coronavirus cases in the U.S., and more than 135,000 deaths.