Multiple Spies

PUBLISHED: 5:48 PM 5 Jun 2018

News Strzok-Page Texts Reveal Multiple Spies In Trump Campaign

Peter Strzok and Lisa Page spoke about the FBI embedding numerous spies in Trump's campaign in December 2015.

Obama and Comey busted in new spygate documents.

Newly released text messages between two anti-Trump FBI agents reveal the bureau embedded more than one spy into President Donald Trump‘s 2016 campaign, according to The Gateway Pundit. A reference to “oconus lures” revealed that fired FBI Director James Comey and former President Barack Obama were leading the spygate collusion case to frame Trump.

In the 500 pages of documents, which can be read here, buried deep is an explosive text message exchange between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, where they joked in December 2015 about inserting multiple spies in the Trump campaign. The report also reveals Comey lied about when the FBI officially launched its investigation into alleged Russia collusion.

As detailed by Conservative Daily Post, Strzok served as the No. 2 counterintelligence analyst at the FBI before being demoted last year and fired from Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s team after an internal probe found that he had sent hundreds of anti-Trump text messages to Page, a former lawyer at the FBI lawyer with whom he was having an affair.

Page abruptly resigned earlier this month amid the numerous allegations against her. And, all of this happened under Obama and Comey, who were calling the shots to orchestrate the biggest corruption scandal this nation has ever seen.

Twitter user “Nick Falco,” a self-described activist, uploaded a screenshot of a message exchange between Strzok and Page, where they spoke about Obama and his corrupt agencies using more than one spy.

The first picture in the tweet is from the documents sent to Congress by the FBI, which shows a text message that says,” You get all our oconus .. approved? ;).”

One word was blacked out by the FBI. However, the second image is from newly released documents from the inspector general and Congress, where it shows the blacked out word was “lures.”

The word oconus means “outside continuous US” and lures, in this context, means multiple “spies.”

Last month, it was outed that the FBI embedded one spy into the Trump campaign. CDP reported that the spy has been identified as Stefan Halper, a University of Cambridge professor who previously worked as a CIA operative. He is currently an informant for the FBI in counterintelligence operations.

Now, there is evidence from Congress and the inspector general’s office showing that Strzok and Page — who served as top ranked officials in 2015 — spoke about having several spies embedded into Trump’s campaign.

This admission is also crucial because it proves Comey lied when he stated in March 2017 that the FBI didn’t launch its investigation into allegations of Trump-Russia collusion until July 2016.

In fact, both Politico and The New York Times reported extensively that Comey said the investigation began in July 2016.

So, Obama and Comey lied about planting multiple spies into Trump’s campaign. And, Comey lied about when the FBI officially launched its investigation.

Why did they lie about that?

As many continue to argue, this is arguably the biggest scandal in modern political history, and the mainstream media is nowhere to be found as they are complicit in the operation to derail Trump’s presidency.