China Supports Russia

PUBLISHED: 11:00 PM 4 Apr 2018

Newly Appointed Chinese Defense Official Proclaims Support For Russia

He was visiting Moscow for an annual security conference.

This could prove to be a very unholy union.

When news hit that China has raised taxes on U.S. goods, those who want to see more things made in the U.S. and who want America to rely on America (instead of every other nation on the globe) were not too upset. However, as Yahoo News reports, China is willing to soil their reputation further by cozying up to Russia. And people who care about America’s safety are less than pleased.

The leadership of China has promised support to Russia “as tensions between Moscow and the West further deteriorate into diplomatic isolation, economic sanctions, and dueling defense drills.” The have also promised “support” to the Russians who have, as of late, been on the wrong side of history.

The problem here is that many of the issues which China is complaining about are woes that they have either caused or allowed willingly to happen. For example, it was China, who during the Korean War, allowed North Korea to become what they are today, so their military drills are being conducted against the monkey they left off the leash. Kim Jong-un could be a non-issue within a week if China acted as they should.

As for Russia, if they would stay away from U.S. election meddling, they may too find a kinder Uncle Sam at the bargaining table. Their constant buzzing of U.S. warships and vessels only demands that America respond.

Chinese Defense Minister Wei Feng was present at “the seventh Moscow International Security Conference” along with many communist officials. While, at least on paper, Russia has forsaken their ties to communism, Vladimir Putin is a former K.G.B. agent and his sympathies for the far left are well known.

Chinese President Xi Jinping coordinated the trip and he had two messages for Russia. “I am visiting Russia as a new defense minister of China to show the world a high level of development of our bilateral relations and firm determination of our armed forces to strengthen strategic cooperation,” proclaimed Wei as he spoke to Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, the Tass Russian News Agency reported. The news outlet is state-run, so not a peep goes over the airwaves until vetted, therefore concerns are high for good reason.

Second, to support the Russian side in organizing the Moscow International Security Conference the Chinese side has come to show Americans the close ties between the armed forces of China and Russia, especially in this situation. We’ve come to support you,” the defense minister also said. “The Chinese side is ready to express with the Russian side our common concerns and common position on important international problems at international venues as well.

What all of this means is twofold. On one hand, China felt fine with America’s requests when jobs were being shipped there by the literal boatload. As U.S. workers lost jobs, China had no qualms about doing things as the U.S. wished. Now that a prudent man is leading the nation, now that fairness is returning to the playing field, China is acting like a whiny child.

Second of all, both Russia and the Asian nation feel that America should not conduct drills even as the North Korean threat has been allowed to grow thanks to China’s actions (or inactions). Thankfully, President Donald Trump does not think this way and the threat is diminishing from N.K. as a result.

Russia may wish to join forces with China, they certainly have ample military forces, but there is more than that at stake. If America is making goods for themselves to be purchased by other American workers, there is a good chance that China will collapse just by losing U.S. manufacturing. No war need even happen.

Therefore, nothing should be allowed to derail the progress that is being made as the U.S. stands up boldly for the American workforce and the safety of the nation as it pertains to nuclear weapons threats.