PM Dictator Freaks Out

PUBLISHED: 5:09 PM 2 Nov 2021

New Zealand Neo-Nazi Dictator Stunned After Non-Approved ‘Questions’ Asked About COVID Control

She can’t handle facts or real questions, because her entire iron grip is based on lies.

She's a puppet for the globalist genocide. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

If everything you do is based on lies, fear, and enslaving people, then when someone confronts you with truth and facts, you either have to keep lying or have your goons remove that person from the vicinity. That’s what neo-Nazi PM (Dictator) Jacinda Ardern was forced to do.

Conservative Treehouse reported:

New Zealand’s smiley faced Fascist Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is the female messiah to the global progressive movement. Everything about her is carefully controlled and scripted for public display; including her positions on COVID-19 mitigation, her insane lockdowns, geographic bubble dictates and her over-the-top vaccine mandate push.

Any journalist/’churnalist’ who does not stay inside the government approved guidelines for COVID questioning is removed from their job. In every extreme manner you would consider, the New Zealand government under the Ardern regime control everything the public is permitted to hear.

Today, Ardern traveled to the guarded proximity border between Auckland and Northland where she was justifying her quarantine enforcement zones. The guarded checkpoints are in place to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus, or so she claims. Ardern has never been publicly challenged to reconcile her continued claims that the vaccine will stop people from getting the COVID-19 virus, because the government controls who is permitted to ask questions.

Today, what I believe to be a pharmacist, attended one of her frequent press conferences and challenged her for the first time to explain her position. The man asking the questions cited the reality and scientific outcomes in the U.K. and Israel that show the vaccine does nothing to stop the spread of the virus or any variant. This was the very first time Prime Minister Ardern faced a question that was not from a controlled and approved media script.

A visibly shaken Prime Minister Ardern could not handle being asked to reconcile her continued claims about vaccine efficacy against the reality that the vaccine does nothing to stop the spread of the virus.  She had to shut down the conversation, and the questioner was promptly the target of the government control agents.