NY Dems Vote

PUBLISHED: 5:45 PM 23 May 2019

New York Votes To Release Trump’s State Tax Returns

They have nothing… nada… zip, so they have to busy themselves making up stuff against the president and performing any little gnat-like distractions that they can.

Ignoring serious problems in the state, democrats are determined to at least get some talking points.

Because they have absolutely nothing they can pin on President Trump, but are deluded by their blinding hate, democrats in New York aren’t worried about dealing with the problems of the state. They are focusing on legislation that will make it easier for congressional democrats to view President Trump’s state tax returns.

The legislature passed a bill yesterday along party lines, allowing the state Department of Taxation and Finance to share state tax return information with a congressional committee that requests it.

Many people argue this flurry of action on the part of the left is because they are terrified over revelations that are about to be declassified concerning the illegal and treasonous actions of the former administration.

Reuters reported:

New York has a unique role to help head off the constitutional crisis brewing between Congress and the White House over refusal to comply with the request for Donald Trump’s tax returns,” said the bill’s sponsor, Senator Brad Hoylman, according to the Times-Union.

“We are affirming Congress’ role as a co-equal branch of government and the sacred constitutional principle that nobody is above the law, not even the highest elected official in the land,” he added.

Wrong. There is no constitutional crisis. And, democrats have continually placed Hillary, Obama, and other of their ilk above the law, shielding and protecting them from the countless scandals that plagued the former administration.

Moreover, there is absolutely NO legislative value to be obtained by examining the president’s tax returns.

Conservatives in New York blasted the measure as a cheap waste of time. Many agree and consider the act simply a way to provide talking points for the left who are terrified of the declassification that is about to be released.

That will show who truly thinks they are above the law… and it’s not Donald Trump.