New York Bag Ban

PUBLISHED: 11:11 PM 6 Mar 2018

New York Seeks To Join California In Ridiculous Ban

Plastic bags would be outlawed.

New York leaders are wanting to meddle where they have no right to...again!

In the Atlantic Ocean is a collection of plastic roughly the size of Texas and it is the result of the poor handling of trash. The solution to this, at least to those possessing common sense, is to manage trash better. Also, plastic can be recycled, so perhaps using the floating heap of rubbish would be prudent. However, if one is a Democrat with a fake global warming agenda to promote, the answer is to limit what can be used, produced, and purchased.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo admitted that “he’s considering backing a statewide ban on plastic bags to help curb unnecessary trash,” revealed the New York Post today. To give some kind of insight into what a bad idea this could be, it is supported by New York City Mayor de Blasio….need more be said?

It’s clear that we need to address the real environmental concerns caused by the proliferation of plastic ‎bags, and a ban is one of the options we’re reviewing,” said the overreaching governor.

So, in a metropolis that sees heavy rainfall combined with waits for the subway, everyone can be expected to be hauling wet paper bags around as their goods spill everywhere. What could go wrong?

The mayor’s spokesmen, Richard Azzopardi, did not address this very obvious concern as he delivered the mayor’s statement.

The first step is that they should enforce what’s on the books,” stated Simcha Felder (D-NY). Oddly enough, it was this prudent Democrat who prevented citizens needing to be burdened with a 5 cent fee on such handy items in the past.

There’s a recycling bill that’s on the books that’s not being enforced. After they do what’s in the laws, then they can propose new laws,” Felder added. It seems that there is some common sense alive in the Democrat Party after all, though forced recycling is also a bit beyond what government’s role is.

Already banning such bags is “East Hampton, Southampton and Patchogue Village on Long Island, and Mamaroneck, Hastings-on-Hudson, New Paltz and Rye in Westchester County/Hudson Valley,” and the people there detest it.

It is time for the world to see that better management is the key, not banning items that are needed for everyday life.

Then again, as so many people have already deduced, the goal here is to herd and control the sheeple, not to really stop anyone from using a plastic bag.

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