WHO Sued By NY Residents

PUBLISHED: 6:04 PM 21 Apr 2020

New York Residents File Lawsuit Against WHO For Covering Up Pandemic

The residents demand accountability for the World Health Organization’s attempts to downplay the virus, despite having evidence to the contrary.

These people, many argue, have a legitimate complaint, and WHO must pay for its deceit. (Source: WHO YouTube Screenshot)

A group of residents in a New York County have filed a class-action lawsuits against the United Nations’ World Health Organization, citing the agency’s cover up of coronavirus spread.

Fox News reported:

The three residents in Westchester County — which was seen as an original hotspot for the virus — claim the WHO failed to quickly declare a pandemic and monitor China’s response to the original outbreak.

It seeks unspecified damages for the alleged harm the organization caused to the county’s roughly 756,000 adult residents.

“The WHO mishandled and mismanaged the response to the discovery of the coronavirus and upon information and belief, engaged in a cover-up of the COVID- 19 pandemic in China,” part of the suit read, according to the New York Post.

The lawsuit filed by Richard Kling — a doctor, Steve Rotker and Gennaro Purchia was filed in the federal court in White Plains, N.Y.

Both Kling and Rotker are from New Rochelle which imposed a one-mile “containment area”  around the area back in March to limit the spread of the virus.

The residents also claim the WHO was “causing and/or contributing to the subsequent spread of the coronavirus all over the world, including to the United States of America and the State of New York,” according to the paper.

The three added the organization failed to provide treatment guidelines, advise members on how to respond including through travel restrictions, and coordinate a global response, according to Reuters.

Westchester County has seen 776 deaths from COVID-19 as of Monday night, according to data from Johns Hopkins.

Many people agree that a lawsuit is the least that WHO should expect in retaliation for its Chinese-based protection of a deadly cover up.