NY After Trump

PUBLISHED: 4:24 PM 5 Feb 2019

New York Prosecutors Ramp Up Investigation, Subpoena Trump Committee

The group of highly partisan leftists is supposedly ‘investigating’ whether the Inaugural Committee misused funds and has asked for “all documents.”

The president is facing another witch hunt in New York, a state apparently set on prosecuting acts they ignored in Clinton and Obama.

New York prosecutors issued a subpoena to President Donald Trump’s inaugural committee yesterday demanding “all documents” involving the committee’s donors and vendors, and records relating to supposed “benefits” donors received after making contributions.

The move is the latest attempt to smear the president by using over-eager ‘investigations,’ despite the lack of proof.

Many people point to the criminal conduct of the Obama campaign, and specifically, when Carol Davidsen, the former media director for Obama for America, recently admitted Facebook gave the Obama campaign direct access to the personal data of Facebook users in violation of its own rules.

Federal Election Commission regulations prohibit corporations from providing an “in-kind” contribution such as a mailing list or something similar to a campaign, which is considered an illegal campaign contribution.

But, somehow, liberals in New York care nothing about that and are only interested in President Trump.

Inaugural committee spokeswoman Kristin Celauro told reporters that the committee had received the subpoena and “It is our intention to cooperate with the inquiry.”

The claim of ‘political favors’ for donations is much like the so-called ‘collusion’ investigation, many experts argue.

There is no proof, only wild accusations by liberals. Others point out that leftists always accuse other people of the crimes they themselves commit.

The subpoena also requested documents relating to donations “made by or on behalf of foreign nationals, including but not limited to any communications regarding or relating to the possibility of donations by foreign nationals.”

Again, no such punishment for Obama who was actually GUILTY of committing that very crime.

Investor’s Business Daily reported in 2012:

The Government Accountability Institute, which is headed by Stanford University Professor Peter Schweizer, used sophisticated Internet investigative tools — including something called “spidering” software — to determine how the web is being used to raise political funds.

What it found should be of concern, since it suggests that many in Congress and, more importantly, the Obama campaign have systematically exploited loopholes in the law to raise millions of dollars overseas — a big chunk of it in the People’s Republic of China.

In September, for instance, Obama’s campaign announced it had raised $181 million. But if you’re looking for transparency, you won’t find it: Just 2% of that amount — $3.6 million — has to be reported to the FEC.

Of special concern are funds flowing into the Obama campaign from foreign sources, especially China.

In 2008, Robert Roche, a U.S. businessman based in Shanghai with extensive commercial ties to the Chinese government, bought the website Obama.com.

Moreover, an Obama donor plead guilty to foreign donation scheme charges in 2016, but Obama was allowed to walk away scot free.

No investigators in highly conservative states brought such charges… of course, that was because the home-state for Obama’s election committee was Illinois. No corruption in that democrat state, right?

The charges involved concerned:

William Argeros gave $75,800 to the Obama Victory Fund in 2012 and subsequently donated $100,000 to the committee funding Obama’s re-inauguration in 2013, federal records show.

In a plea deal with federal prosecutors, Argeros admitted to teaming up with New Jersey limousine driver Bilal Shehu to receive $80,000 “from a foreign source” and route it to the Obama Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee supporting Obama’s reelection bid and other Democratic candidates.

The funds were used to get Albanian politician Edi Rama into an Obama fundraiser in San Francisco. Rama later used a photo with Obama to suggest Obama supported Rama’s bid for prime minister, a post he won following a parliamentary election in June 2013.

The so-called ‘evidence’ against the Trump campaign is non-existent compared to the blatant theft of Obama and Hillary, so why is New York like a rabid dog with their investigation? Easy.

President Trump doesn’t toe the democrat line. He doesn’t steal, scheme, or plot to destroy the freedom of American citizens creating a slave state, and they abide with that.