PUBLISHED: 6:44 PM 17 May 2017

New York Paramedics Rush To Planned Parenthood For 17th Call Of The Year, Abortion Gone BAD


The Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood abortion facility in New York has had at least 4 medical emergencies this year alone.

“Planned Parenthood is America’s most trusted provider of reproductive health care. Our skilled healthcare professionals are dedicated to offering all people high-quality, affordable medical care.”

The website for Planned Parenthood unashamedly boasts about how good their centers truly are. If that is accurate, why have 17 medical emergencies been documented at their clinics around the country; in 2017 alone? Take note, that is only the number that pro-life advocates have been able to prove, the actual number could be much higher.

Last week, photos were taken at the Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood abortion facility, located in New York City. They captured a patient being transported from the clinic to the hospital by ambulance. The patient was able to walk as she exited the building with assistance.

This location, the flagship of Planned Parenthood, has had a shocking four medical emergencies this year requiring an ambulance. Operation Rescue, a pro-life group reports their “repeated efforts to obtain the 911 records have been completely ignored by the New York Fire Department.” They also claim that “a search of the radio traffic archives for the most recent incident showed either static during the time of the emergency or had audio files missing altogether.”


This woman went in for a “routine procedure.” Why does she need an ambulance?

As President Trump and his administration are working to defund the corrupt agency, these incidents continue to happen. A well-connected, liberal organization like Planned Parenthood will not go easily. Even if the federal government cuts funding, the clinics will likely find the money elsewhere and persevere.

Consider this, if any other independent doctor’s office had four emergencies in 5 months, wouldn’t an investigation be happening to find out what is occurring within the office? Is Planned Parenthood doing so many abortions that a high number of botched ones is acceptable? Or is it simply that politicians and pro-choice advocates have made the agency so untouchable, they can butcher women with no consequences?

This no longer falls under the pro-life/pro-choice argument. This is a matter of safety for women at a place that claims to hold their rights in the highest regard.