Cuomo Insults Jewish

PUBLISHED: 9:29 PM 27 Mar 2018

New York Governor Tries To Connect At Church, Insults Jewish People Instead

He even made fun of another democrat.

What Cuomo (pictured) said is not going to go over very well.

Don’t blame the conservatives.

It is not their fault that no one can tell a joke any longer. No one can tell humor from real offensive talk, either, and this is all due to so-called liberals who used to stand for free speech. The New York Times shows that leftists with a sense of humor are also not allowed to speak in jest, and that is no laughing matter.

New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, made a lighthearted joke about the “rhythm” (or lack thereof) of “our Jewish brothers and sisters” on Sunday as he spoke in a black church in Harlem. He dared to forget that America has no sense of humor any longer (largely due to the views by people such as he) and spoke with a whit of silliness that is no longer permitted in the age of PC uptightness. As the rules are defined today, the statment was racist, hurtful, and will not play well with his constutients.

He told the Mount Neboh Baptist Church that “I want you to know as a matter of full disclosure, I am a Catholic. Catholics basically believe the same teachings that Baptists believe. We just do it without the rhythm. But we try. We are not as without rhythm as some of our Jewish brothers and sisters.”

The sad fact is that, to most people with a funnybone, that is a bit humorous. Movies like “Fiddler on the Roof” may disprove his statement, but if said in jest, many people would share a chuckle with the governor. However, it is his party and his supporters which have torn President Donald Trump asunder for such outbursts of simple humor, and now the fallout has gone full circle.

Democratic consultant Hank Sheinkopf, a former campaign adviser who is Jewish” even wore a yarmulke in the front row and was toyed with in jest. “I was watching Mr. Sheinkopf here in the front row moving to the music,” declared Cuomo.

He admitted that the movement of the Orthodox rabbi who was ordained in 2011 “was ugly, I’ll tell you the truth.”

Fans of the late great black comedian, Red Foxx, and those like him will all but howl at such jokes, no matter their race or political party. The problem here is that such laughter is frowned upon and can ruin careers and lives in 2018. It seems fitting, then, that the governor is suffering from a social landscape that his (no fun) party helped to create and foster.

The Jewish man, who was there for work-related purposes, was not offended. He did feel that the joke died on delivery, however. “There weren’t many people laughing, but I didn’t feel humiliated,” Shenikopf stated. He even joked back and said, “He’s the governor. He’s now in charge of American dancing.

G.O.P. member Arthur Schwartz was not amused. He is a Jewish activist and said, “The governor should focus more on governing and less on Jew jokes.”

Senator Simcha Felde (D-NY) is an orthodox Jew who seems to have never told a joke, too. She said, “I don’t think it was that good a joke. I can write better material.” Perhaps it was just the quality of the humor which offended her.

Dani Lever, spokesperson for Cuomo declared, “He was clearly poking fun at himself and one longtime friend who was in the audience.

The societal problems that were to be addressed were largely lost on the crowd in light of the jokes and that is a snapshot of how dull Americans have become. Director and writer Mel Brooks (quite Jewish) used to make movies that mocked fellow Jews, blacks, whites, Mexicans, potheads, Catholics, women, gays, Italians, and others.

Today, he would be called a man of hate.

Just as New York Governor Cuomo would be, if democrats weren’t hypocrites.