Foreign Worker Threat

PUBLISHED: 5:13 PM 24 Sep 2021

New York Governor Promises ‘Foreign Workers’ Will Replace Americans Who Exercise Freedom

So… give up your freedom or we’ll replace you with foreign workers? Don’t believe it! These foreign workers, if required to get the shot face the same deadly dangers.

This is extortion. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

In New York, Democrats are so desperate to kill and infect their citizens that they have threatened healthcare workers who exercise their freedom to decline the deadly vaccine with foreign worker replacement.

Conservative Treehouse explained:

The deadline for New York healthcare workers to take the mandatory COVID-19 “vaccine” is Monday.  A significant number of nurses, healthcare workers and those who work within the entire system of healthcare will be leaving the medical industry as a result.

While the potential vacancy rate for healthcare workers is yet undetermined -they have to wait to see how many actually leave- New York Governor Kathy Hochul announced earlier today that foreign workers will be hired to replace the U.S. workers who refuse the vaccine.

In a semi-related note, controversial New York Health Commissioner Harold Zucker -a former defender of Andrew Cuomo- announced his resignation a few hours before Governor Hochul made the announcement about replacing missing NY healthcare staff with foreign workers.

Kathy Hochul says the number of vaccine “holdouts” is unknown.  She has meetings scheduled for the next few days in an effort to be prepared.  She is also looking for ways to “change the healthcare licensing system” to permit out-of-state workers to help fill the void.  However, the NY legislature removed most of the unilateral authority to act under the current declared emergency, so the governor publicly says she is restricted in her authority but is “looking at ways to get around that.”

Keep in mind, the workers in question are not just nurses and direct healthcare providers; the mandate applies to everyone in the healthcare system including: clerical staff, billing offices, coders, janitors, receptionists, technology or IT staff, communication staff, cooks and cafeteria workers, in essence – everyone in the industry.