U.S. Life Expectancy Drops 2 Years In A Row

PUBLISHED: 7:56 PM 8 Feb 2018

New Study Reveals Three Factors Contributing To Life Expectancy Drop In U.S.

Middle-Aged whites and rural communities were cited as the most impacted.

Many in our country feel forgotten and friendless.

Our depression is killing us. The world promised to us as the traditional family was mocked into irrelevance has produced more alcohol abusers, more drug users, and relentless depression to the point where it is actually now diminishing our life expectancy.

These problems have grown so severe that the U.S.A. Today has reported that life “expectancy in the U.S. has fallen for the second year in a row, thanks to a combination of drug and alcohol use and suicides.” A new report has really shed some much-needed light on a series of problems which are robbing us of our joy and our very life.

Already, studies have shown that the despair brought on by heartbreak, loneliness, and marital problems can be as damaging to the heart muscle as an all out heart attack, yet we as people grow colder and colder towards one another and even our spouses.

As so-called “white privilege” is on display, the dip in longevity was “particularly large among [sic] middle-age white Americans and those living in rural communities.” It seems that the only “privilege” is to die before everyone else in a sorrowful state, but don’t tell that to the radical left in America.

The CDC did a similar study and reached the same conclusions. In the West, as medicine and technology get better and better, this is in NO way the numbers that we are too be suffering.

We are seeing an alarming increase in deaths from substance abuse and despair,” confessed Steven Woolf  “at Virginia Commonwealth University, a co-author of the latest report,” according to Society Health.

Woolf goes on to lament that the “American dream” has grown far beyond the reach of many American’s. This is in large part to outsourcing and our moral decline, yet few are willing to look at this decay as the culprit in our politically correct times.

This all happens “as social mobility declines and fewer children face a better future than their parents,” he added. With all of this taken into account, it is clear to see why President Donald Trump is doing everything that he can to save our economy from such ills. It may just end up saving lives in the process!

Data from the World Banks shows that in 2016, “life expectancy in the U.S. was 78.6 years, a decrease of 0.1 years from 2015, according to the report.” Numbers for 2017 are not yet compiled but there is very little reason to hold hope for much of an improvement.

It may not sound like much, but the alarming story is not the amount of the decrease but that the increase has ended,” Woolf reminds us all. Even sadder is the fact that America has not had the longest life expectancy since 1960, right around that time that we stopped caring about our neighbor and questioning the Bible.

Life expectancy numbers are “now 1.5 years lower than a group of 35 nations known as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.” Those nations consist of “Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom,” and others.

Those dwelling in the U.S. face overall poorer health when it comes to ” birth outcomes, injuries, homicides, adolescent pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, obesity, diabetes and heart disease” than all of the above-listed nations. Will we have to become as thin and frail as tapeworm infested North Koreans before we see what is happening to us?

The U.S.A. Today did not miss a chance to demonize the 2nd Amendment as they write that “high-calorie intake, drug abuse, and firearm ownership” as well as living “in cities designed for cars rather than pedestrians or cyclists, have weaker social welfare supports and lack universal health insurance” also is leading to our premature demise. While firearms may make suicide easier, taking guns away would only shorten our lives by letting criminals more easily kill us, so guns are not really a factor in this at all when numbers are concerned.

The report implores us to listen and writes that “The consequences of these choices are dire: not only more deaths and illness, but also escalating health care costs, a sicker workforce and a less competitive economy. Future generations may pay the greatest price.”

Last year, the main cause of concern was the opiate crisis, but that is not the main scapegoat this time around. Woolf informs us that “It’s a larger issue, involving addiction to opioids but also fatal overdoses from other drugs.” We are shown that “it’s accompanied by a dramatic surge in deaths from alcohol abuse and an increase in the suicide rate.

Those in the country settings are fairing even worse. “The problem is concentrated in rural, largely white counties that have often struggled for many years with stagnant wages, unemployment, poverty and the loss of major industries that fueled local economies,” according to Woolf. Of course, we know that things like NAFTA are what has led to much of this despair, another fact that is hidden from the U.S.A. Today’s readers.

To fix this, we are told that “the root causes argue for policy solutions, especially those directed at strengthening the middle class that are not getting sufficiently prioritized by elected officials.

So basically, the way to remedy this loss of longevity sounds a whole lot like the platform of Donald Trump, at least in terms of wages.

As for the rest, perhaps we could all start by honoring our wedding vows, treating one another as we ourselves would desire to be treated, and trying to stay off of dangerous pills.

After all, our very lives depend on doing so.

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