State Department Ambassador Endorses Radical Cleric

PUBLISHED: 10:41 PM 7 Feb 2018

New State Department Ambassador Openly Endorses Radical Islamic Cleric

At least two separate times the cleric issued rulings justifying the killing of innocent people.

'Religious Equality' ambassador Sam Brownback seems fine with embracing a known Islamic extremist masquerading as a 'moderate' Muslim. This is a said continuation of failed Obama-era policies.

During the Obama years, the U.S. government cooperated with a number of Islamic extremists, who they labeled as ‘moderates.’  It was hoped that the Trump administration would turn his back on these relationships, however.

Sadly, the new State Department ‘Ambassador for Religious Liberty,’ Sam Brownback, in his first public appearance in that role, continued the Obama administration’s policy, and embraced a known Islamofascist Imam. Holdovers in the deep state are working overtime and Brownback will fit right in.

Sheikh Abdullah Bin Bayyah is not an unknown quantity to the United States government or the public.  In 2004, he called for a Fatwa to justify killing American citizens and soldiers in Iraq.

In 2012, he issued a second Fatwa, calling for the destruction of Israel.

In May 2014, the Obama State Department (run by John Kerry, a failed Presidential candidate, as well as a known liar) declared Bin Bayyah to be a ‘moderate.’

Again, this came a decade after he called for killing Americans in Iraq and two years after demanding the destruction of our major ally in the middle east.

Thankfully, even the usually affectionate media called the Obama administration’s bluff, and the Obama administration and its State Department had to backpedal.

Rather than admit their mistake, however, the Obama administration and complicit media allies pushed stories to ‘rehabilitate’ the image of the Islamofascist cleric.

Abdullah Bin Bayyah is related to many organizations that work closely with the Muslim Brotherhood, long considered to be a terrorist network, or at very least a network of organizations that support terrorism to various extents.

When the Obama White House met with Bin Bayyah, they glossed over questions of his extremist past, claiming that he was a moderate Mauritanian Imam.

A few months later, the State Department quoted Bin Bayyah in a tweet, which they deleted after outcry pointing out that the man is an extremist.  They apologized for promoting his work, but the outcry remained.

That makes it all the more strange that President Barack Obama himself, on the floor of the UN in 2014, praised Bin Bayyah in his speech.

Bin Bayyah was also part of the International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS), an organization with a history of extremist declarations.

In 2013, he resigned from his leadership role in the IUMS (after a decade of anti-American and anti-Western proclamations), saying that “the path for reform and reconciliation requires a speech that does not fit with my role in the Union.”

For all that, he never recanted his extremist declarations made while leading the IUMS.

It would seem that Sam Brownback’s appearance with Bin Bayyah at an ‘interfaith’ event is meant to help bring the world religions together.

It’s strange that Bin Bayyah’s interfaith event, much like the rest of his self-promoting events, never seem to lead to any difference in the way the Muslim world treats those other faiths.

It’s also strange that as he’s trying to pander to groups and present himself as a moderate, Bin Bayyah hasn’t taken the chance to finally clear up his statements on Israel, the world’s only ‘Jewish’ state.

In 2010, Bin Bayyah made statements during an Al Jazeera interview where he endorsed Palestinian terrorist attacks.

He said that their attacks represented ‘their right to resist,’ and that the violence was perfectly in line with sharia.

Just a year later, Bin Bayyah criticized Western nations for considering groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad the same as Al-Qaeda.

In 2012, Bin Bayyah called on all Muslim leaders, issuing a personal fatwa demanding that they support the Hamas government in Palestine with money, military, and even with political support.

In that same year, in the aftermath of the fighting in Benghazi that resulted in the death of Christopher Stevens and other good men, Bin Bayyah demanded that Western nations outlaw speech criticizing religions.

By way of response, the Obama administration arrested a person for making an anti-Islamic video.

Hopefully, the State Department and Sam Brownback will distance themselves from Abdullah Bin Bayyah and from other ‘moderate’ Islamofascists.

Many of these ‘great’ Islamic ‘thinkers’ and ‘scholars’ are little more than apologists for violence committed in the name of their religion, often targeting people primarily for their religion.

It’s somewhat hilarious that an event run by such a Bin Bayyah under the guise of an ‘interfaith’ exchange would be taken seriously.

President Trump and his administration need to make a clean break with the willingness of the Obama administration to entertain Islamo-fascists masquerading as ‘moderates.’

Only in doing so will they be able to divorce themselves from terrible past foreign policy and set a better course for America’s future.