New People Search Tool Now Avilable

PUBLISHED: 6:00 PM 21 Jul 2018
UPDATED: 6:01 PM 21 Jul 2018

New People Search Tool Reveals Everything About Everyone—Including The Stuff They Didn’t Want You to Know

One website is now going public with information many people wish it didn't.

New People Search Expert Tool

A new website is changing what people know about their closest friends, family, and acquaintances.


Have you ever wondered what your neighbor does for a living? Have you ever wondered what your best friend is up to when they don’t return your calls? What about that mysterious new friend your daughter started hanging out with?

Now you don’t have to wonder—a new website, People Search Expert, now allows you to find out anything and everything about someone in your life—including the secrets they would rather you not know.

By simply visiting the website and making a quick search you can locate your family, friends, coworkers—anyone you can think of.

But the creators of the site are warning you: you might not like what you find out. So before running a search, make sure you really want to know. Because once you hit the search button, you can’t go back.

Whether you live in Texas, Ohio, Hawaii or beyond—the search tool will be able to help.

But it is also being used for positive reasons. What about those old high school friends or your special high school sweetheart you haven’t seen or heard from in twenty years? The tool does a great job at rekindling those connections as well.

In one very bizarre story, a man and his wife decided to do a quick test for their son who was reported lost at the tender age of 5. Years later, the family decided to give it a try and found their son was living 40 miles away, had his own family, and was a coach of a local high school football team. Stunned beyond belief, the man and his wife were able to reconnect with their long-lost son—a story that lends tears to anyone reading.

Regardless of your reasons for using the tool, it’s worth its weight in gold. To try it out for yourself just visit their homepage: