Charges Dropped!

PUBLISHED: 3:39 PM 30 Aug 2018
UPDATED: 5:50 PM 30 Aug 2018

New Mexico Judge Dismisses All Charges Against Three Alleged Muslim Extremists On Procedural Failure

The judge dismissed the charges due to an arbitrary time limit.

A judge in New Mexico dismissed all charges against three alleged Muslim extremists, based entirely on a procedural issue. Now, they're free, barring some other charges.

Mere weeks ago, local police in Taos County, New Mexico, raided a ramshackle ‘compound’ built out of debris and trash in the New Mexico desert, near the border of Colorado, hoping to find a missing child who had been abducted from Georgia. The raid resulted in the arrest of five individuals, mostly on charges of child neglect. They also found the remains of the child.

As the investigation into the compound went on, however, claims surrounding the compound began to point to a sinister purpose behind it: Islamic terrorism. Now, even though allegations are flying that the adults were training children to be school shooters, three of the five accused have been released from custody with ‘all’ their charges entirely dismissed by a New Mexico judge due to a technicality. This outcome simply seems suspicious on a number of counts. Just imagine the outrage if these had been Branch Davidians or another extremist Christian group.

District Judge Emilio Chavez dismissed the charges, saying that authorities in the case violated the state’s ’10-day rule.’

The rule refers to a limit on how soon prosecutors have to hold an evidentiary hearing to establish probable cause.

Because the arbitrary date limit was missed, the judge dismissed all charges against Lucas Morton, Subhannah Wahhaj, and Hujrah Wahhaj, protecting them from any chance of facing punishment for the horrific way their children were neglected at the extremist compound.

Making the situation even worse, Chief Judge Jeff McElroy dismissed the same charges against the other two accused of child abuse and neglect at the compound, Sirhaj Ibn Wahhaj Jr., and Jany Leveille.

However, the pair still faces charges related to the corpse found on the property, which appears to be the body of a deceased three-year-old boy like the son Wahhaj Jr. is accused of abducting from his mother in Clayton County, Georgia.

New Mexico health officials identified the corpse found on the property, near the compound, as belonging to Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj, the three-year-old boy with severe medical issues who Sirhaj Ibn Wahhaj the younger allegedly abducted in December 2017.

The occupants of the compound were allegedly teaching the children found at the compound, who were as old as 15, to carry out mass shootings at places like hospitals and schools.

According to prosecutors, Wahhaj Jr. was even teaching the children to use firearms and ‘tactical techniques’ in order to kill government employees like teachers and law enforcement, as well as any other institution that the Muslim extremists found corrupt.

Judge Chavez said that the decision to drop the charges was very hard for him to make, but also pointed out that Taos County prosecutors could bring the charges up if they took them before a grand jury and managed to indict the three.

Most worrying, however, is how little concern has been paid to the fact that these people, according to accounts from their own children, were allegedly teaching youths to carry out murder in the name of Islamic extremism.

The fact that they neglected the 11 children at the compound, and that five adults stood by while a child died (likely due to lack of medical care), is horrific, but is it as bad as the Islamic extremism prosecutors allege they were involved in?

Perhaps most interesting of all, this is not the first time that the Wahhaj family has been accused of involvement in Islamic extremism.

Sirhaj Ibn Wahhaj Sr., father of the man arrested at the compound in Taos County, New Mexico, has repeatedly been accused of Islamic extremism.

He was an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing, which killed six and injured more than a thousand people.

Wahhaj Sr., who is an Imam at Brookyn’s Al-Taqwa Mosque, also provided a character defense of the ‘Blind Sheikh,’ Omar Abdel-Rahman, an Egyptian terrorist prosecuted after the WTC Bombing.

Not only does the Imam have a long history of making Islamic extremist statements, like claiming that when American law collapsed, Sharia should take over, or that homosexuals should be put to death, though; he also was celebrated by leftists including Michael Bloomberg, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton.

Could the political clout of Father Wahhaj be, at least partially, responsible for the situation in Taos County, and for child abuse charges being dismissed so willingly and easily?

At this point, barring a prosecutorial decision to bring the case before a grand jury or file additional charges, it sounds like three people alleged by the government prosecution to be Islamic extremists teaching children to carry out terrorist acts may be set free.