New Accuser Steps Up

PUBLISHED: 8:37 PM 26 Sep 2018

New Kavanaugh Accuser Claims Rapes, Drugging

The newest claim is the one that Michael Avenatti threatened earlier, which appears to be an allegation of 'gang rape' and 'drugging' committed by the Supreme Court nominee.

The newest Kavanaugh accuser claimed rape, and drugging, but her claims are missing something very important.

Earlier today, the Senate put the final confirmation vote on Judge Brett Kavanaugh on the schedule. Afterwards, yet another accuser came forward against the federal judge who has already passed through six Federal Bureau of Investigation Background checks, making allegations of sexual misconduct.

The newest claim comes in the form of a ‘sworn declaration’ by a woman named Julie Swetnick, who was represented by Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti. However, yet again, her claims suffer from the same issues as those made by others, and are missing one important element. The media seems happy to ignore that Kavanaugh hasn’t actually been accused of rape, especially given he claims he was a virgin.

According to Avenatti’s client, Kavanaugh and others were known for spiking the drinks at high school parties with ‘intoxicants.’

Swetnick said that she met the future federal judge and Mark Judge, who seemed to be such good friends that they were almost “joined at the hip,” around 1980, or ’81 in Washington D.C.

She continued on to say that she interacted with the pair frequently, and ran into them at “well over” 10 house parties.

The newest accuser alleged that when Kavanaugh drank to excess, he would “grind” on women and “make crude sexual comments” to them.

The crux of her accusation, however, revolved around the allegation that she would avoid drinking the punch at parties that the pair were at, after she allegedly learned that Kavanaugh, Judge, and others were spiking it with drugs and/or alcohol to “cause girls to lose their inhibitions.”

She claimed that once the women were intoxicated and no longer capable of making decisions, they would be “gang raped” in a nearby room by a “train” of a number of young men at the parties.

Swetnick even claimed that in 1982, she herself was the victim of such an incident, and that she believed her drink had been spiked with Quaaludes.

The initial portion of her statement was designed to detail her current and past security clearances, including clearances from the Internal Revenue Service, Department of State, Department of Justice, and the Department of Homeland Security, as if to give her credibility.

After Avenatti and Swetnick took these allegations, and a signed affidavit, public, some noticed a number of issues and strange coincidences.

Firstly, if, as she alleged, he was part of a ‘rape gang,’ how would the FBI miss it in not one, but six separate background checks?

Swetnick was also a federal employee (or at least held clearances with federal agencies), so she would have known how to file a complaint about such an incident with the Department of Justice, who she claimed to have a clearance with.

Also curious is that fact that she claimed that he exhibited this kind of misbehavior during Beach Week 1982, in Ocean City, Maryland.

This is interesting because this claim came out literally hours after Kavanaugh first released his calendars, which included that time period.

Another interesting point is that, in her statement, Swetnick said that she ‘became aware’ that Kavanaugh and company had spiked the punch at various parties.

Precisely how did she ‘become aware’ that this was allegedly happening? Did she see him spike a drink? Was she told that he did so by some interested party?

Or, was it simply the kind of idle rumor that tends to go around at large parties, even those held at colleges, about what had happened to a poorly-attended punchbowl.

When she talked about being “gang raped” at one of these parties, she said that Judge Kavanaugh was ‘present.’ However, that is an extremely vague statement as well.

Did the judge take part in the alleged sexual assault she suffered? Was he in the room and watching?

Or, on the other end of the spectrum of possibilities, was he simply in the same room during the party, perhaps completely unaware of what Swetnick claimed transpired?

The simple allegation that he was ‘present’ at a party where something untoward happened is not criminal. It’s not even an allegation of a crime.

If everything goes according to plan, nominee Kavanaugh will finally be able to confront his accuser, and her allegations, in the Senate Judiciary Committee tomorrow.

It seems odd that another allegation cropped up just in time for leftist politicians to use it as an excuse behind renewed calls to (yet again) delay the confirmation vote.