Racist Or Incompetent?

PUBLISHED: 5:15 PM 25 Apr 2019

New Jersey Mayor Tells Racist Poster To Call Cops On Jewish Invaders

The man has been in office for six years, but he’s ‘still learning?’

His excuse is outrageous.

A democrat mayor in New Jersey is backpedaling as fast as he can after he made an ill-judged remark on social media. Users were quick to pounce on the racism he exhibited by responding to someone who complained about ‘Jewish invaders.’

Given that New Jersey offers sanctuary to real invading criminals from Central America and other lands, the entire episode is ridiculous.

The New York Post reported:

Brick Township Mayor John G. Ducey was responding to a flat-out anti-Semitic tweet by user @simms10471 Tuesday night asking:

“Can we please do something about our parks and beaches. They are being invaded by the hasidic and orthodox jews and being ruined.”

“Our tax paying residents are being forced out while politicians sit and do nothing,” the user added.

Instead of condemning the tweet, Ducey, a Democrat, responded: “Just call police with any problems and they will send them out.”

After major backlash from other Twitter users throughout Tuesday night and into Wednesday, Ducey tried to back-peddle.

“This twitter feed (and the world in general) is no place for bigotry or hateful comments,” he tweeted.

“They are hurtful and divisive. They are condemned by me and all who are trying to make a difference in the world. Look for the good in you and others and the world will be a better place.”

Blah blah blah… basically, he’s an idiot and said something stupid and like all democrats who do the same, is basically being given a pass.

After the initial outcry, nothing will happen.

Ducey supposedly told one person he didn’t want to “acknowledge the bigotry thereby giving the commenter the power he was seeking.”

Yet, he DID respond, providing the very attention the racist was seeking.

“I just tried to diffuse things and focus his anger at me. … I’ve done pretty well for six years but this is a learning experience,” he wrote to another person.

Give us a break. He didn’t figure this out in six years?

The ‘learning experience’ excuse is a recent favorite of democrats who expose their racism and intolerance.

In an email to The Post, Ducey apologized for “any hurt I caused but [sic] not being careful with what I said.”

The word “them” in his tweet was in reference to park security, not Jewish people, he said.

But, that’s not what he said.

Ducey wrote: “Just call the police with any problems and they will send them out.”

Anyone who has a basic understanding of the English language understands that them is a pronoun. So, if Ducey’s claim that the “them” referred to park security, he said: Call the police and they will send ‘park security’ out.

That doesn’t make sense. In no place was park security being argued. The object of the discussion was ‘invaders.’

“I knew no call would be made because there was no problem that he could report…,” Ducey wrote. “I have learned to be more careful with social media and I am taking the advice of some of my critics and not responding at all to such things in the future.”

The account @simms10471 was apparently deleted by Wednesday.

Typical liberal…